Help a college kid grow in their faith!

Hello, im Melissa!! next year I plan to head off to college…but I’m staying at home. Well, i’m going to the community college anyway. I’m worried because I am not going to constantly be in a spiritual environment and although I am really looking forward to the opportunity to stay at my parish…I LOVE IT THERE!!..I am worried I won’t have the opportunity to grow as much as Catholic colleges would allow me to.

Please don’t name off some Catholic colleges I should consider…I have done that…but as of now I feel that staying home is the best option. However, I do believe that I need to nurish my faith more. I love my faith…but I yearn for a stronger knowledge of it. Since I cannot go to theology classes and study my faith like at a Catholic institution I am eagerly searching for ways I can do this on my own. I want to study my faith…really study it…not just know the basic apologetics. I have already started - I’m reading a book on the church history…but im asking for help on how to do more…books, CD’s, any ideas would really help!!

P.S. - I’m not exactly ready for information in heavy duty theological terms that are super hard to understand…:smiley:

Hello, Melissa,
My name is Danae and I am going to college too next year so I know what you are going through. However, I am leaving my home town and my church parish. I will have the same problem as you next year because I have gone to a Catholic school all my life.

As for getting help with growing in your faith, I would suggest a book written by Pope John Paul. He is probably the best person to seek guidance from for young people like us.

I wish you luck next year.

It’s beautiful that Our Lord is inspiring you to equip yourself for your college journey! You’re already off to a good start with Catholic Answers. They have a book about keeping your Faith in college, which may have more specific reading ideas.

Also, I have a few basic spirituality posts (from reliable sources) on my blog that may help you, particularly the following, which cover a Plan of Life, meditation, and the marvelous Liturgy of the Hours:

You might also check-out the links in my sidebar.

May God bless you on your journey!

Melissa and Denae, I’ll keep you both in my prayers. My memories of university experience are rich…but at times the life can be challenging to one’s faith. God be with you both, and all who are going to college or university.

Melissa, I wish I had been as wise in beginning my college life. :thumbsup:

Here are two sources for excellent Catholic books, dvd’s, cd’s and tapes:

Hi! :slight_smile: I’m also a college student. Do you know if there are any Catholic clubs there on your campus? The ones I’ve heard of are Catholic Christian Outreach and Compass… they are both very good :slight_smile:

I suggest reading Scott Hahn, the Saints, and also books by the Pope…

God bless! :slight_smile:

I am getting ready to head off to college next year as well and I have had the same concerns as you but I think that everything will be fine! You may have already found out about it but is a great website to visit to understand more about our faith. I go to a Catholic school and take Religion as a subject, I find the Vatican website to be an excellent study aid and perhaps it wil be of some help to you. Recently I have found that studying my faith has helped me to grow in it.
Pray about it and don’t forget your values, if you can be a strong person and stick to what you believe in you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

God Bless

I don’t know of any Catholic clubs on campus…its a small community college. Any chance I could start one if there wasn’t?

I’m sure that you can. I know that in regular colleges you can have a group of three people and call it a club. I’m sure if you spread it around, other young Catholics will join you.

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