Help a Newbie out :)


I want to give my second daughter a truly unique and personal gift for her First Communion (which will be a month after mine!!!).

Besides her “First” Rosary (we have a bunch…I have a habit of having Rosaries within reach in every room at home, in the car, at work, in the kids’ backpacks…), I’d like to put together some medals for her and prayer cards. Which would YOU suggest? Or, should I start a prayer card collection for her? I truly don’t know how to do it :slight_smile:

She is 8, is SO loving, smart, funny, has WILD hair, and LOVES every animal she has EVER met. Hope that helps!


I might recommend giving her a necklace with the crucifix on it.
I hope you like the idea.
God Bless


The Miraculous Medal is a mandatory one in my book, Mary designed it and instructed it to be created and shared with the world, can’t beat that kind of an endorsement. I carry my rosary in my left pocket everywhere I go, I feel like I’m missing something if it’s not with me.


How about a book about St Francis he loved animals as well. That will be something she can relate to, as my wife loves him for the same reason.
:thumbsup: God Bless you Both and thank you for brightening my day :slight_smile:


Well, I’m protestant and have no idea what you’re talking about. But I’m very glad this young girl has good Christian influence. Good luck;)


some of the chaplet rosaries are interesting so you may look at a few of those since you have so many Marian rosaries. beautiful thing to think about. may God bless you for being such a caring parent. take care.


Give her a copy of the Liturgy of the Hours. My son loves his and is 8 now. Even better, pray it with her.


Pieta Prayer book, and a St. Benedict medal :slight_smile:


She is 8, is SO loving, smart, funny, has WILD hair, and LOVES every animal she has EVER met. Hope that helps!


Oh, how blessed she has a good mother!
put together some medals and prayer cards.
I have my little box of most beautiful medals near me now.
How I love them, and my Rosary :slight_smile:
Mother, mother! :gopray:


I would also suggest a really nice Miraculous medal. I purchased one for my daughter for her 11th birthday. We try to be wise with the money the Lord has given us. I very happy with the medal I purchased. I think I spent 30 or 35 dollars for it. The chain is stainless steel. This is good so it wont get all nasty. I don’t think she ever takes it off (shower, sleeping. ect).

Another great gift I think would be a beautiful 4 way medal.


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