Help a trucker out


Iam an over-the-road truck driver. I have a hard time finding places to attend mass when I’m out on the road. I really miss going to mass regularly and I miss alot of days of obligation. Anybody know of any resources that might help? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless


Revertconvert, I’m guessing that you have several different routes you take depending on what must be delivered, but if you know which one you are going to take, even just a day before you set out, you can do a websearch for parishes in the surrounding towns so that once you’ve delivered whatever needs delivering you can attend mass. You can even use to do the search with :slight_smile:




Thanks to both of you. This info is very helpful:)


If you don’t have access to the internet while you’re on the road, you can also call Masstimes at 410-676-6000


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