Help - about to be plunged into temptation!



Please help, as I am about to be sorely tempted. There is this girl who is a friend of my family who I am … fond of. I try desperately to not lust after her, but sometimes I find myself leering at her, to my embarrassment and shame. Next october me and my family are going away on holiday with her and her family. Since there is a pool in our villa and not much else to do, i have a horrible feeling that we will be spending a lot of time there and that, because of this, I will be spending a lot of time around her when she is wearing a probably very revealing swimsuit. I am worried that in this situation the temptation to lust / leer at her would be overpowering. I cannot get out of the holiday and it would be strange if I stayed away from her all the time we were away, but I am worried that if I am around her in these conditions I will sin.

Any help?



Do you wear glasses or contacts? :smiley: You could also try the old “pretend not to be interested” tact, for some strange reason, chicks dig that! :confused: But that might help you to actually not be interested, to a degree, and should definitely help you keep your eyes off of her. Of course, if you really want to avoid be tempted, then you should pray the Rosary everyday. :yup: Good luck and God bless!


First of all pray, then pray, and when you think you’ve finished pray some more.
Keep pray utmost in your mind. Get into the habit of offering your thoughts and feelings to God. Then when you are having a sinful thought or feeling and you begin to say it as you would to God, you will stop yourself. Basically, keep a running dialogue with God in your mind as you would a friend (after all God should be your best friend). You should, of course, keep a time of silent listening in your prayer life but at a time when temptation is not near.

Remember too, God knows you are human, a young man with temptations (I’m assuming anyway) and may fall to temptation at times. Do your best to avoid near occasions of sin but when you can’t do your best to resist, and if you to fall to sin go to confession.

I would also recommend you talk to your priest about this.


I wouldn’t think about it too much. If you over analyze it and it’s always on your mind, then you will be more likely to lust over her.
If you like this girl then get to know her. Talk to her and be her friend. It’s perfectly natural to feel attraction to women.

I would also bring a book,ipod, soccer ball, something to distract yourself if you start feeling tempted.


Hi, there. First, I agree with the advice that you should pray, pray and pray some more. Pray the Rosary and ask our Lord and our Blessed Mother to give you a spirit of purity. Also, keep reminding yourself that this woman is a person, a unique person created by God for a special purpose. In your prayers, give thanks to our Lord for creating such a person with all of her beauty, gifts and talents. Keep praying, my friend, and keep the faith!!!


I would spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament. If that doesn’t work…my spiritual advisor reccomends that whenever I am confronted with something I cannot resist…I simply run the other way. Don’t stop…just keep on running. Hopefully, your running in the direction of a Church…where you can spend some more time in front of Our Lord.



I don’t know how old you are, but how well do you know this girl? Do you actually talk to her or do you just spend your time looking at her? Perhaps if you talked with her and got to know her as a person you would find it easier to see her as a real person and not just look at her as someone to lust after. It is selfish on your part to view her as only a “thing” to be looked upon.

Pray until your trip and during your trip. And if you find yourself just staring, you need to remove yourself from her, much as an alcoholic would move away from alcohol if they wished to remain sober. Go for a walk, read a book, just stop the staring.


This is very good advice. I agree, Take a book to read, and for heaven’s sake calm yourself already!
To not fall into the sin of temptation, Lord hear our prayers
To not lust after another, Lord hear our prayers.
That all goes well, and anxiety is abated, Lord hear our prayer

God, be gracious to me a sinner!


I know this girl very well. I have known her for years and get along well with her. I certainly do not objectify her and strive not to think sexually about her at all, but I have been romantically interested in her for several years. However, because of the immensely awkward situation with the friendship of our families and because I don’t want to ruin our friendship, I don’t think we will ever date. The challenge is staying pure, not embarassing the girl or sinning myself, and trying to evangelise to her if I can!

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I am 15.

God bless.


Bring a Rosary and , when you feel temptation, go to a quite corner of the house and pray 5 mysteries and ask Our Lady for Purity and Chastity.

P.S. I am 15, too.


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