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I am just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestions or anything really. My husband and I have been using the billings method to try and have a baby for over 12 months.
5 months ago we changed to the creighton method.
We have discovered that my hormone levels are not right so I am now taking Clomid to help with ovulation and then progesterone as well. This does not seem to be working, we are ( well me more so) hopeful every month. But are yet to be successful. The thing is now sex has become like a chore. We both realise this but dont see a way out.
Is there anyone else out there who has been through a similar thing?
I guess I feel like its me and Im the reason we havent been blessed yet. Family and friends all just want to sk when we are having kids and the are having kids too. Which makes things harder too…
We are hoping and praying this month might be the month of GREAT news for us with a new addition to our house hold.
Thanks for listen… reading


Offer your sufferings for any child God might give, and trust in God, who through a virgin gave us Christ and through an elderly woman gave us John the Baptist, though it was Christ and not John who came from the Father, while it was John who came from sexual intercourse.


Stop worrying about it, begin the process of pursuing adoption from a home of unwed mothers supported by Pro Life causes. I have read many stories where couples become pregnant, after many years of trying the very first year they have finally adopted.


Have you consulted Dr. Hilgers, who invented the Creighton Model, at the Pope Paul VI Institute?

He specializes in fertility care/treatment that is completely in line with Catholic teaching.

I do know that Clomid reduces cervical mucus, inhibiting sperm transport. That’s why so many women who use it have to have other assisted technology like AI or IVF (which are immoral means).

Contact the PPVI institute. They may have an affiliated doctor in your area. They also consult long distance if you send them your charts. They may be able to pinpoint something the other doctors did not.

But, I also agree with everyone else. Stop obsessing and stop treating intercourse like a chore. Relax. I know it’s hard when you want something so badly, but you have to do so for your own peace of mind. Offer it up to God and stop trying to control it.


Hi Aussie Bella
I’m a Creighton teacher and work mostly with couples with fertility problems that are going though Napro treatment. Let me reassure you are not alone that sex feels like a chore - it is extremely common and not unusual in couples going through fertility treatment.

Napro treatment takes time - it is not a quick fix and it is not unusual for it to take 12-18 months to get pregnant. Can I kindly make a few suggestions - try not to “cycle gaze” and expect to get pregnant every month. Try in think of terms of being pregnant in 12 months time - I know it is easy for me to say but from experience this does help if you can start to think differently. It takes time to get the medication exactly right- hopefully the dose of clomid is exactly what you need but there is usually some trial and error involved. If your mucus has dried up with clomid, a lubricant called pre-seed can help.

During the fertile time use as many or as few days as you like - relaxed enjoyable intercourse is really important. If you don’t feel like it, then you don’t have to have sex. Remind yourself that in good mucus sperm can live from 3-5 days! One couple I have heard of used every fertile day for sex for 11 cycles - she got pregnant on the 12th cycle when they only made love once. Talk to your husband. It is love making, not baby making. Try and do some fun activities together - remind yourself of why ye got married and fell in love! Trying to have a baby is not easy and dealing with comments from other people doesn’t help. Come up with a plan together of how to deal with the questions. Keep the lines of communication open with your husband and contact PPVI if you haven’t done so already.

God bless and I hope this helps.


Be patient. I know it isn’t easy, and you worry but try to relax. Know of some who waited much longer than a year, and are now the parents of three including a set of twins.

Get involved in something that will keep your mind busy:juggle: and your body exercised. Plan a trip, paint the house, stay busy. :hug1:


Has he been examined? It may be that it is not just you has a fertility issue but him as well.


Hello All
And thank you for your great advice. We have decide to not focus on having a baby. And to just enjoy being us and to maybe start thinking about other options. Holidays, fostering maybe even adoption.
We are seeing Crighton specialists there is only 1 place in the state we are in. So thanks again maybe we will try to think of us being parents in 12 months and enjoy some time to our selves since once we have kids that will all change.

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