Help! Anti-Catholic Documentary

Anti-Catholic Youtube Documentary


Hey everyone, there’s an Anti-Catholic documentary on youtube called “The History of the Holy Bible” that is extremely flawed in its facts and as Anti-Catholic as a documentary gets. I know that many of the things said in the documentary are untrue, but I would love for somebody to tell me the details on any topic that isn’t true.

MOST OF ALL I think we need to go to these videos and give them a low rating, and comment if you can, so that not as many people are suckered by this. It’s just been put up, but I know lots of people are likely to watch this after innocently looking up the true History of the Bible.

Here’s a link to the series (20 videos), please rank them all and comment

Please help! My girlfriend’s Mom actually sent me the video and I want her to know that this documentary is not the real deal. I want her and everyone who comes across the videos to see that.

God Bless.

Comments and rating disabled, grr! I have gotten into a few --um, “debates” on YouTube before with the anti-Catholics. I can tell you one thing … their answers are very loose. They are not good at backing them up, and barely ever reference something except their errenous interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. But I see your concern, and I too are concern. I try to do something.

Are you a sadist?! How could anyone endure all of that?
i watched a few minutes of Part 3, and had to give up before the blood pressure got dangerous.
Its difficult to believe that these people are genuine; theyre in the same league as Chick and Co.

Theres an individual named WF White who runs an outfit titled "MYSOULFEFUGE". Came across him a couple of weeks back. Hes an ex-Catholic who has a number of venomously anti-Catholic YouTube “sermons” which totally distort what the Church actually teaches. Same thing: no commenting and no rating. What are they frightened of, apart frrom being exposed for the liars and slanderers that they are?

Itd be interesting to fiind out the "real" motives for their antics. You cant help speculating about the state of their souls, either.
“Not everyone who says:‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

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