Help any one familar with Gospel Assembly

I am looking for help concerning the teachings of GAC under bro Sowders.

Never heard of it. How about the Catholic Church? :stuck_out_tongue: Plenty of info on that.

I hope to be confirmed next Easter!

I came out of Gospel Assembly under Bro. Sowders.

Is it more of a fundamentalist community or do they consider themselves as Protestant?

It is a Pentecostal church as far as I can tell. See A Man Called Out: A Short Story About a Brother William Sowders. According to that article, they don’t appear to be orthodox for either Pentecostals or the wider Christian world:


As Brother Sowders studied and prayed over these issues, the Lord revealed to him the truth of the “Godhead.” He was lead by God to take the middle ground on these issues. Through the truth of the word of God he could reach out to both his “Oneness” and “Trinitarian” brethren. The “Trinitarians” taught three persons in the Godhead. The “Oneness” people taught there was only one personal Deity. Brother Sowders contended that there were not three, not one, but rather, two separate persons in the Godhead. God the Father, which he alleged was “a Spirit (Being),” and Jesus the Son, a Heavenly Creature. Two separate and distinct souls, yet one greater than the other. He agreed with the “Oneness” element that the Holy Ghost was not a person, but rather the Spirit, or essence of God. He placed a distinction between “Spirit” and “a Spirit.”

If you google “Gospel Assembly Brother Sowder” you are likely to find something useful.

Yes it is a Pentecostal type church.
They share some beliefs of JW but there are great differences too.
I would really love to be able to talk - learn(post) with some one familar with this.

This site, may help you. It apparently is ran by people who think the Gospel Assembly is a cult.

Just being nosy here and you can tell me to mind my B ,own but if you came out of that group , which is what I understand from one of your posts then what is it that you are trying to find out about them? Since you indicate you are heading to be a Catholic? Am I confused?

Perhaps if you ask us what is concerning you about that group we may be able to help .

Yes I came out of them and hope to be confirmed Catholic next Easter.
I have come a long way but as I said talking to someone who understands GAC would be greatly beneficial.

This sounds like the little known Binatarians, who believe in G-d the Father and G-d the Son only.

Yes, they believe in 2 in the Godhead.

I don’t know about the Gospel Assembly, but I do know that Binatarianism believes that the Holy Spirit is part of both G-d the Father and G-d the Son, but not a distinct Person. Binatarians base this belief on Scripture, which, according to them, never mentions the Holy Spirit apart from G-d the Father or G-d the Son. They believe, however, that the two Persons of the godhead are distinct but not separate from one another. Thus they are a monotheistic faith.

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