Help! Anyone have Father's Day gift ideas?


The title says it all :o I’m stuck for ideas for DH and my dad.

For Mother’s Day hubby got me a lovely statue of Our Lady of Lourdes (who has special significance for our family). We got my mom a bag to take her prayers/books to the Adoration Chapel, a mantilla, 3 CDs full of photos of the grandkids, and a sweet holy card.

Help? I can’t even remember what I got hubby last year :o


Do you know what they really like to do? - sports, etc …

For example, my dad loves fishing, he would love to have some fishing rod, etc, a chair, a coffee mud, etc …


talking tire gauge with large lighted digital display, from Avon, perfect for old failing eyesight

I think new golf clubs are in the offing, but that is a purchase he will make himself (which entitles me to a monster shopping spree of my own).


Oooh, good idea. My dad has one already, but I think hubby would like one. When we had our baby I got him an air compressor to pump our tires at home as a little thank-you for being so supportive and a wonderful dad/hubby. This would complete the set :slight_smile: Thanks!

My hubby and dad have weird interests that really don’t give me any leads. Hubby is into tarantulas and music composition, and Dad enjoys making things out of concrete and clay :whacky: Both love video games, but both have very limited time and a whole stack of games yet to be played. Same with books :rolleyes:


Make him/take him out for breakfast after Mass, then give him the entire day to do whatever he wants.

This morning on The Catholic Channel, the suggestion was “give him a cup of coffee, the newspaper, and a cigar and then leave him alone to enjoy.”


I second the food thing…all men appreciate that!!! Check in parenting where I posted my plans…


I guess what I’d like from my wife would be some fun time as a family. Go fishing, she can pack the food, and she would actually go with instead of using the “family outing” as time for her to go off and do her things. Or maybe just some attention.

As for my Dad. I would think that something to tell him that his did a fine job really touches him. He fathered during a time when dissenting from the Church was vogue. He took a strong stance on many things and took a lot of heat for it - still does.


What I have done in the past is when my kids (3) asked me what I wanted for FD I told them to buy me gift cards to a popular store. On father’s day after I open my “gifts” I took them shopping with me and spent all the money on them. And, I played with them ALL day, we only stopped to eat. The look on their faces was great, as a dad I could not have asked for a better gift than to see all three of my kids happy and exited.

I explained that I dont require a gift. All I want for FD is their absolute attention. I want them to hang out with dad and for the past 16, 10, 6 years they have.

This is probably not what you wer asking for. However, I say if you are a dad and can set it up go for it. It will be worth it.


I just signed my DH and dad up for a “beer tasting” class at cooking school at a local grocery store. When I called my dad to check the date first, he started out with “you don’t need to get me anything” line he always gives. Then I told him what it was and he shut up!!! I’m especially excited because I do like to see my DH and dad enjoying things together. I’ll hang out with my mom as a bonus!!



That sounds really sweet! Your kids are blessed to have you for their dad!

As you can see from my signature, my kids are 2.5 and 5 months, so every day is “play all the time” day (well, play and eat and nap, repeat!).


I let my son, who is three, go through a store where I think he might find something dad would like and let the little one choose. I chose a store that has imports from Nepal, India – that area of the world. His dad loves these cultures. This year, his dad is getting a little carved wooden elephant. It’s sweet. His dad loves animals and loves anything his son gives him.

I asked my son what he wanted to give his grandpa, and he knows grandpa loves books, and he said a book. But he didn’t like any of the books we found, so he’s now painting pictures for a book he’s making on killer whales. Yeah, all the pictures look like varying shades of black or gray in various shapes on the page. But I KNOW that his grandpa will love this more than an original manuscript by Shakespeare.

Go with the heart. It’s all about the love and time.



I started this 4 years ago…

Every year dh gets a t-shirt (usually a dad themed one) and I use fabric paint to put the kids footprints on the back. Then I write the year on there. It is sooo cute!

I really hope the kids continue doing this when they get older.

I got my dad a pair of shoes, but then again, I work at a shoe store. :shrug:


The discovery channel store has a remote control tarantula. I think it is creepy, but I bet the kids would get a kick out of playing with it with dad.


Indoor/outdoor thermometer? My parents have one at their cabin that gives the weather forecast for that day too, which is nice since they don’t have tv/computer there.

Oregon Scietific makes a nice line of them with a wide range of costs.


No way! I’ll have to check that out :slight_smile: We’re out of shelf space for more cages, but a remote control one that can “live” in the closet would be fine!


I got my dad a project calculator that figures out how much paint for a room, how much concrete/gravel for an area, how much siding, how many bricks, etc. etc.

My daughter got her dad a book called “From the Angel’s Blackboard” - kind of a “best of Bishop Sheen” cause he likes to listen to him every day.

They are both notoriously hard to shop for, but I think we did good this year. I thought about a laser level for my dad, but then found out that they leave a small hole in the wall, and he’s a bit too much of a perfectionist for that. :slight_smile:



I have no suggestions but books. This is ALL my husband wants for Fathers Day, Christmas, birthday and any other significant event.


I don’t know if any of the dads are Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, or George Harrison fans, but those guys put together a music group in the '80s called the Traveling Wilburys. Their music has been out of print for several years, but was rereleased on Tuesday. As Roy Orbison is one of my dad’s all-time favorites, I decided that the CD would be a good choice.


I got my dad a gift box of retro candy from the 1950’s.


My kiddos got my husband a plain wood birdhouse and then painted it. It is FANTASTIC looking, one is 5 and one is 2 years old. A total hoot!

Funny boxers are great for a hubby. I saw some today with lobsters, fiish or tikis on them.

At starbucks they have travel mugs that you can decorate yourself. I have given that and it has been a real winner.

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