Help because of depression caused by confusion at work


Been thrown into a depression at work since the last week of May. Getting dressed and brushing my teeth every day is my major accomplishment for this week, plus I’ve been applying for some jobs online. Otherwise, I can’t DO what I usually do.

I am seeing my therapist frequently - for me that’s every two weeks.

I’d like some constructive, non-critical, input on what happened.

At work I’m normally scheduled 2 12+ hour shifts a week, which equals about 24 hours, or 3 days a week. My supervisor asked me if I could work a few more days that week since another nurse was going on vacation, and I said I would. She scheduled me for 48 hours that week. I told her that was too much, so she deleted one of the 12 hour shifts, but I ended up having to work that deleted shift because another nurse called in sick. I was told by another nurse that I “had to work.”

I didn’t know I was going to be scheduled to where I’d be working overtime, plus telling me I HAD to work bothered me, but I came in and did the added 12 hour shift.

The next three weeks my schedule was then completely blank, with only 2 12-hour shifts scheduled. I asked my supervisor about this and she said she’d look into it. She never called or said anything about it.

I heard nothing further about the schedule, so I took my work schedule home and planned accordingly. I was sort of in shock - I felt like I was being fired or punished or something.

Then in the middle of the second week they called me from work and asked why I wasn’t there. I got angry and told them I wasn’t coming in, that I wasn’t on the schedule. My supervisor called me and told me that we had “talked” about her changing the schedule, which she had done in my absence, but never told me. Then I refused to come in - then my supervisor started to cry, which unnerved me.

I’ve been applying online since for jobs - I can’t sleep these past few weeks unless I take medicine - when I can’t sleep that’s what I do other than just stare into the TV set.

What was the right thing to do and the Christian thing to do in these situations?

Thank you for listening.

Sorry for what you are going through at the moment. Hope the situation resolves soon for the benefit of all. My concern is that you can’t sleep without meds and/or that you choose to veg out in front of the television.
Maybe try praying or meditating before going to bed. Just sitting with my eyes closed and being aware of the breath really helps me to settle down at night especially after a particularly stress filled day.
I also do this or do some inspirational reading if I wake at night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Praying the “Our Father” a few times also helps. Seems more beneficial than staring at a television. Each of these helps to ground me rather than try to numb myself.

 May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.

Sorry you are having such difficulty. Having worked in healthcare these last several years I know there are a lot of changes happening. Unfortunately your story is not uncommon.

It sounds like your supervisor is just as overwhelmed as you. I have prayed for both of you and the other staff.

Good luck with your search. Hope you find something quickly.

Praying for you.

Prayers for you…

That sounds extremely stressful.Insomnia happens to me too, and I hope you find peace at work.

Praying for you.:gopray:

Edited to add…if you can, don’t communicate with work on your days off, unless you are paid to be oncall.

Praying for you.


Thank you for all your replies.

Got a new job yesterday and am going to resign from my present job today. Someone is definitely looking out for me.

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