Help Burying a Friend's Dad


My friend’s father recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. They were really close and she had cremated ( she is christian not catholic) and wanted to put his remains in the tomb with his mother. She didn’t have the money not to cremate him so the hospital did it. But it would cost her close to 2000 dollars to put his ashes in that tomb. She is just like me, in law school, and can’t afford the costs. Can you guys offer advice about this matter or how to proceed? Thanks, thoughts always appreciated.



The majority of that cost would be dealing with his mother’s tomb. Mom’s buried in the family cemetery, but we didn’t have to pay any cost for burial of her urn.

Maybe keeping his ashes until she can afford burial?


That’s the only option she has now but it kind off hurts. It would hurt for me too if i didn’t have enough money to bury my dad and he just sat there. It’s almost unnatural.


Did the father have a life insurance policy to cover funeral expenses? If so, how about a loan? If not from an institution, a benefactor? Any law professors know someone who knows someone? Just thoughts........


Another related issue is the high cost of Christian burials. It would be great if each diocese offered plots of hallowed land at cost to parishoners.


No. He had no life insurance and then when he got sick, nobody would give it to him.


Contact Catholic Charities at your Diocese.

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