Help... Can Someone Put a Curse on Me??

Okay, this is the first I have posted in this forum. I am not catholic but was raised catholic. Now, I am Ev. Lutheran. My mother is however Catholic. Long story short, my mother has some very serious mental problems and has caused me great amounts of pain through out my life. She basicly cant stand me and never has.

Several years ago, she went to Rome to see the pope. She returned with many things and she gave my daughters some braclets that were supposedly blessed by the pope. After several innocents happened to me at her hands, and with the advice of my pastor, the police and social workers, I obtained a restraining order on her and my brother who is in prison alot.

She is very mad that I adopted my brothers daughter and will not allow him to see her because he is on drugs. So, since then, about 2 years now, my life is becoming misserable.

My home is in bankruptcy to keep the foreclosure from going forward, I lost my job, my husband lost his job, we both have had to be retrained to do things we never did before, my health has turned bad and its one thing after another that is making my life so hard.

This morning when I was showering, I was thinking of all my problems and looked down on my wrist. I was wearing the braclet she gave my daughter. And all of a sudden I started remembering things my dad and aunts had told me about my mom having Voo Doo dolls and stuff. And I got scarred. I tried to shake it off. so, I went on my computer and found out that my mortgage payment had just bounced because of something I was not expecting now I am short 500.00 for the mortgage and if its not paid right away, we go back into forclosure. Then, my hubby called me from the DMV and the trucking license he has been trying to get for a new job is now delayed because his birth certificate from another state is not certified and we have to get one certified, and to top it off. He just got a ticket this morning for our city sticker expiring YESTERDAY!!!

I dont know how much more bad luck I can take. It has been like this for two years and I thought that God would help us because we have four kids , TWO we adopted trying to do the right thing and get them out of foster care.

Now, I am thinking, Maybe she has put a curse on me. The sister at the convent that I go to for my daughters clothes told me that it is possible and I should just keep praying and God will help. But, I am getting desperate. Can my mom have put a curse on me? Should I just keep praying or should I be doing something else as well?

… Thanks for any advise you can give me…

pS. I put this in another forum about 45 min ago and didnt get any responces, so maybe I was in the wrong place. Thought I would try this area. had to know where to go with this question.

Hmm. I can see why you could think she might have cursed you. That really is a series of unfortunate events. However as Christians, we are a liberated people. Evil cannot take a lasting hold over us. That is not to say there will be no battle and that satan will try his hardest to make us miserable, but we are Christ’s and nobody else’s. No matter how much they might like to think that.

This is a trial. Keep praying as the sister said and God WILL work it all out. Trust me. Personal experience.

Prayers for you :thumbsup:

Frankly, my advice is to return to the Church with all haste.

Does your diocese have an exorcist? If so, you may want to discuss it with him. Until then, get some blessed salt (bring regular salt to your priest and have him bless it) and place at the threshholds and windows of your home. Also secretly place a blessed green scapular in your mother’s home and pray the prayer everyday.

The blessed salt and the green scapular are sacramentals, so do not use them superstitiously, rather recognize them as grace filled signs of God’s love for you and your faith in Him.

Thanks , but, I am Ev. Lutheran. We do not have an Exorsist and there is NO Chance of me Secretly getting into my mothers home. I have a Restraining order on her. She lives in another state, and I had to get a restraining order in my state just so I could get through a day without her causing me more problems. Constant phone calls, threats, letters, packages with Child Abuse phamphlets in it, gifts for my kids with hidden messages taped to the inside of the clothes of the dolls. you name it. So, no way am I going to her home. It would be a big mistake for me and too dangerious.

Holy Water and a Miraculous Medal will help.

But if you want the big guns, go to Jesus’ Mother and pray Her Rosary. Demons flee when She just sighs.

Curses and hexes are superstitions. Your mother doesn’t have any power to put a curse on you. You are letting the power of suggestion get to you.

Also, God is not an ATM machine. Your current financial situation is very unfortunate. You should pray that God’s will be done, and accept that His will may not reveal itself in the way you want it to. Whatever does befall you, God can bring good out of it. God does not owe us anything based on how many children we have nor what good works we perform. Sometimes, our own actions and those of others bring misfortune our way. God doesn’t intervene, but he will sustain you in Faith.

Of course, I agree with those who suggest you return to the practice of your Catholic faith.

But, as to your main issue-- no, your mother cannot curse you.

Demonic activity is very real, however, and that is a different topic entirely.

This is basically what I meant by my post just put a little more eloquently :smiley:

They are quite real actually. Simply put, they are demonic activity, which is real as ever. The demonic activity may be initiated by the person giving their soul to the demon to instantiate the curse thou. This may happen through those boards, voodoo, and various other things.

I am reading “The Screwtape Letters” and the demons spoke with each other and said how back in the day, people acknowledged the demons presecne and they had magicians and what not, but now, people seem to think they don’t exist, so they have other routes w/o actually attributing anyting to demonic activity.

It is entirely possible for a parent to leave their children more vulnerable to the demonic by cursing them. “You’ll never amount to anything! You’ll never be as good as me!” Putting curses on children can be made by rash statements made in anger. It’s not quite putting a hex on someone, but it can leave them more vulnerable.

Speaking to an exorcist can help, but there is one thing you can do that is more powerful than exorcism. The Sacrament of Confession. The demons hate it.

Demonic activity is real. A person participating in the occult can open *themselves *up to demonic possession or influence.

A person being able to put a hex or curse on another person is SUPERSTITION. People do not possess the supernatural ability to curse another person.

The Screwtape Letters are a work of fiction.

Moreover, I affirmed demonic activity is real. A person’s ability to curse another and cause calamity is NOT.

How can humans participate in a curse? Simple: praying to a demon to intervene. Acceptable? Same idea with a weegie board and voodoo. Its a human-demonic participation that is the curse. Although, I would not say its limited to human-participation alone. Demons are driven by pure anger and can possess a person without the will of a human, but at a cost: they further their suffering in hell.

Check out the OT book of Numbers Chapters 5 and 22.


I used to think JUST LIKE YOU! Part of my problem was, my ethnic backgrounds (Eastern European Jewish, and Spanish/Italian) each lends themselves quite easily to being able to believe one has been cursed!

It took a lot of spiritual work on my part, and a lot of research, but I learned somethign very important: curses only “work” IF YOU BELIEVE IN THEM!

If you need help on this, PM me. I can probably help you quite a bit!



Tsk, tsk, tsk :tsktsk: … do your Catholic reading!

To Blind_Love,

The direct answer to your question is, yes, it is possible for a person practicing witchcraft (voodoo, especially) to put a curse on another person, even a Christian. I highly recommend the book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, by Father Gabriel Amorth, who is the chief exorcist in Rome. He explains in detail how these curses take hold and how they must be broken. If you strongly suspect yourself or your family to be the target of witchcraft, you need to obtain the number for the Chancery (the Bishop’s office) and contact them about finding a priest trained in exorcism. Any Catholic church office can give you that number.

In the meantime, prayers of deliverance, so long as they** do not include** words directed at Satan or demons, may be beneficial.

As a Lutheran, what does your Lutheran pastor have to say on the matter?

The fact that your mother is/was a Catholic would have no bearing on her being able to put a curse on anyone or anything. Someone who attempts to put curses on people has left the Christian faith and is no longer a Catholic.

Prayers for you.

Demonic attacks and influences are quite real, and a person who is involved in demonic activity probably can choose to subject those around them to demonic attack as well.

That may well be; but there are certain individuals (and the OP sounds like one such person) who are highly suggestible, and on such people, such ideas of curses can work only if they believe in them.

There are people who can convince themselves of anything, and it will come to pass. I had a friend who was highly suggestible, and I used that to her advantage. I told her to look in the mirror every day and tell herself, “I am a non-smoker” (she was a smoker trying to quit.) I told her, “Fake it until you make it”.

And you know? After a few weeks of doing that, she quit. That was 16 years ago and she never resumed smoking.

If we decide something in our minds we can make it happen, but its much easier if you are a highly suggestible person.

Curses work like that too…I’ve actually known a few root workers (people who are involved in Santeria and other occultic belief systems), and they all have told me that curses only work if a person BELIEVES in them. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

I had to learn that myself, the hard way…I come from two cultures that are highly superstitious (Italians and Eastern European Jews)…between the Jewish side with their kinnahora ("Yiddish for “no evil eye”) to the Italian side with the mal’occhio (evil eye), I had it bad! :wink:

What you are talking about is not actual cursing, but rather psychology. Fr. Amorth addresses that distinction in his book. Many people who believe themselves to be demonized are not, and a trained exorcist will sometimes enlist a good psychologist to help sort out the real cases from the fake ones.

Curses work like that too…I’ve actually known a few root workers (people who are involved in Santeria and other occultic belief systems), and they all have told me that curses only work if a person BELIEVES in them. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

The true experts in the field of cursing and demonization are not the ones who practice witchcraft; they are the ones who fight it. Anyone who has fallen so deeply into the deceptions of Satan that they are willing to participate in the occult cannot be relied upon to deliver the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In other words, these people have bought into some big lies, and regardless of what they believe about curses, they are not the ones with the real knowledge. I would take the testimony of any exorcist over that of any witchdoctor.

I had to learn that myself, the hard way…I come from two cultures that are highly superstitious (Italians and Eastern European Jews)…between the Jewish side with their kinnahora ("Yiddish for “no evil eye”) to the Italian side with the mal’occhio (evil eye), I had it bad! :wink:

The “evil eye” is also addressed in Fr. Amorth’s book. Yes, there are plenty of superstitions. But what also has to be understood is that these superstitions, if acted upon, can actually lead to bona fide demonization. For example, a person who buys a “charm” or “talismand” or other “lucky” object, out of superstition, may unwittingly bring into their home an object that carries demonic attachment. And it is often the superstitious members of the Catholic tradition (usually from Latin, Caribbean, or European cultures) who are willing to betray their faith in a time of crisis and visit a “healer” or “shaman” or other such occultic figure. It is possible that the mother the OP refers to has done exactly this, in which case, the possibility of occultic interference must not be so readily dismissed.

And as Fr. Amorth so succinctly puts it, “An unnecessary exorcism never hurt anybody!”

way back in genesis 27:29 cursed be everyone who curses you and blessed be everyone who blesses you! becuse you have the holy spirit no curse can come upon you becuse no curse can ever effect god. people can throw curses at you till they are blue in the face but it will not come near you. do not worry for if god is for you who could be against you?

You need to get to an exorcist, a charismatic Catholic priest, or a charismatic type protestant church, such as Pentacostal or Assemblies of God. (In Fr. Amorith’s book, he humbly recounted that a protestant congregation praying over one of his clients, was able to free him quicker than he was by himself.)

I dont’ understand it. It doesn’t make much sense to me. But you would be advised to dispose of the items that your mother gave you and your daughters, but bless the items with holy water first, so that no one else will be harmed. Also, because your mother is a blood relative, she has special spiritual rights over you that a stranger would not. You need to say prayers to break that ability.

I have a friend who said the same thing, she felt like she was cursed. A Charismatic priest in confession, without any previous knowledge, pinpointed the problem as a specific relative who was practicing witchcraft. Turned out to be true, she followed his advice, and her cascade of tradgedies disappeared.

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