Help: Catholic converted to Mormonism now going back to Catholic Church


I was baptized and confirmed as Catholic. I was going through a phase of my life where I search for meaning and I was vulnerable to the smiling faces and warm fellowships of Mormons. Prior to that, I’ve always attended the Catholic Church and all my intercession requests to Holy Mary were answered precisely. Yet, you can go to the Catholic church for years without knowing anyone there at all. In the churches I attend there were no fellowship and this was I needed in life. So I took a wrong turn to Mormonism.

I already confessed my “apostasy” to a Priest but after that I again was tempted to attend to the LDS mass (which is called the sacrament meeting in LDS Church).

I never embraced their baloney theology. I forced myself to believe in it. I pretended like I believed in it but I never did. So, I feel a little bit insincere when I confess it to a priest because I never believed their doctrine in my heart.

For some reason (too long to explain), I have to attend the LDS mass for 2 more weeks. Meantime I am planning to attend the Saturday Vigils of the Catholic Church. Should I confess my apostasy again to a Catholic priest? After my last confession, I didn’t believe in their theology again yet I feel like I no longer see God’s grace in my daily.
So I find the answer in confessing my attendance to LDS mass again and again, although it is just me sitting a chair and pretend like I believe.

I feel so lost. I am sorry that my situation is more than complicated but I am really in need of spiritual advice on how to reconcile to be a Catholic while attending to LDS mass for 2 more weeks.


If you are attending out of obligations (ie family whatever, though this coming weekend is GC) and you are not partaking of their sacrament, then you are fine.

It would be like me attending a worship service at the Congregational church in town. As long as I am not partaking of “communion”, and am there in support of someone, that is fine.

And please dont call the LDS sacrament an “LDS Mass”. 1)it’s not even close and 2) it will confuse those who dont know Mormonism


Sorry I was trying to make my point to Catholics. Of course it is not a mass. No, I’m actually baptized again in the LDS Church and partake their sacrament. Because there is no option that you don’t partake in the sacrament since everybody in the LDS chapel has to partake the sacrament. You don’t need to be LDS to do that. So everytime I partake their sacrament, although I don’t believe in their church, am I comitting apostasy?


I am a former Mormon. You do not have to partake of their sacrament. Even as a Mormon you do not have to partake of their sacrament and there are times when you should not (ie if one has committeda serious sin and has not spoken to the bishop)

And yes only Mormons should partake of their sacraments. Non Mormons are asked to refrain since one is not in communion with the LDS church.

But to your question. If you are partaking of the LDS sacrament then yes you must go to confession before you take the Eurcharist. Of course part of a good Confession is a firm resolve of amendmend.


You know that the devil does not like it at all that you are reverting to the Catholic Church, don’t you? Can’t you see that it’s his way of trying to get you to turn your back, again, on the One True Church instituted by Jesus Christ? Be strong. Do not go to LDS ever again. Never. You cannot reconcile being a Catholic while continuing to attend LDS services. You know the truth, that is why you posted here - hoping that you will be told it is OK. Well, it is not.


I found fellowship, in the Catholic Church, by becoming a Benedictine Oblate. Well that was not the main reason I joined, but one of the benefits has been a tightly-knit fellowship and some life-long friends as a result.

I think the best way to find fellowship in the Catholic Church is to become involved.




Receiving LDS sacraments is mortally sinful and you should stop. You should probably also stop attending at all.


it’s hard to breakway from routine even if it has lost it’s meaning.You have friends there, you are comfortable in a cocoon . That’s human nature-we don’t like rocking the boat, ,stepping out of the box or being the center of negative attention. Be not afraid. Be strong. A complete break from that past is the best one for all concerned.Don’t make excuses about social obligations or expectations of other people. Every time you attend a mormon
service without belief it’s a lie. It’s a lie to God. “I have to do this God because…” What charade you play must be torture to you- that’s not good for you spiritual life. Go forth and be confident that this is what you are being called back to. Being in communion with you’re church family is good but to be in communion with Father, Son and Holy Spirit is better., and worth any sacrifice, or hardship you might have to experience.
God Bless


I don’t know how long you have been Mormon, but I would make an appointment to speak with your priest as soon as possible.


Perhaps the strongest draw of the LDS religion is their openness, friendliness, willingness to help in any way they can, and the level of involvement they have with one another and into which they draw you.

I also can understand how people can feel left out, ignored, given the cold shoulder, and generally end up feeling unwelcome in many parishes.

Leaving the LDS is going to be tough. You may find that you are shunned by many if not by most if and when they understand you are returning to the Catholic Church, and if you have developed friendships among them, that is going to be hard.

The parish you join can provide friendships and support, but it is something you will need to proactively seek out; although some parishes are more active in reaching out to members than other parishes, the bottom line is that you will not get the same outreach that the LDS provide.

At the end of the day (or the end of life, if you will) you are not going to be judged by how warmly you were greeted and how “family” oriented others were to you; you will be judged on how you responded to the truth, and to the Truth (Christ).

Ora is right - there are deep and lasting friendships to be made within the Catholic Church, but it may take a lot of work on your part.

God bless and protect you on your journey back.


Check this guy’s blog…he is like you…catholic to mormon to catholic…and he writes about it, and is a member here, i believe:

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