Help compile a list of Private Revelation

Trying to compile a list of Private Revelations that have been incorporated into the Catholic Church…so far I got…

The Rosary
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Divine Mercy Sunday
Infant Jesus of Prague

Is there more?

What do you mean by “incorporated into the Church”?
Infant of Prague statue received a canonical coronation. Many other statues and images around the world have received the same. Some of them are associated with some private revelation to someone in the past.

The Miracle Hunter website lists a large number of purported private revelations and the stage at which they have received approval. The Vatican almost always just leaves the approval up to the local authority (bishop), so quite a few of these have some local approval, even though the Vatican has not pronounced on them, and people are allowed to go practice devotions at the sites.

In any event, as Catholics are not required to believe in private revelation, I’m not sure how these are regarded as part of the Church.

The Church I go to is named…Infant Jesus of Prague Catholic Church…they say the Rosary there…also there is a image of The Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Church…and on Divine Mercy Sunday you can go there for a special Indulgenced.

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