Help...Confirmation Preparation

I am teaching 8th grade students this year (I have done this in the past at a different parish). I am NOT happy with the program that they have for confirmation prep. I voiced my opinion to the DRE (director of religious ed) and she agreed that it is not a program she is happy about either (this is her first year as DRE). She asked me if I could help her put a program together for the students. She does NOT have rel. ed books (more like a flyer/newsletter type handout). I used to have wonderful books but I got rid of them a year ago. Are there any suggestions on a good program (that I can download papers or lessons … etc) or any websites? My son is also in the class and I dont want to let him nor his classmates down by not having them prepared for the sacrament. The program they have now is more of an overview and is also taught to the 7th grade. I think they should be taught more specialized due to them making their sacrament in 5 MONTHS!!!


Could you use “7 Secrets of Confession” by Vinny Flynn? It’s a short paperback but very good.

Not downloadable worksheets, but the Faith and Life series by Ignatius Press is excellent, and the 8th grade book is excellent Confirmation preparation.

I am an Asst DRE and a Confirmation catechist. There is not a lot out there that does not come in a book off a shelf.

Good luck!

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