Help! Could someone translate this into Italian?


Hi there!
I want to make a sign for a friend who just bought a house in Sicily.

**If you know the language, could you translate this into Italian/Sicilian? **

May God bless all who enter this home

Thanks so much! I was going to use an online translator but was warned against it, as a computer program may not pick up on the subtle nature of some languages!


che Dio benedica tutti coloro che entrano questa casa.


:clapping: Very nice inJesus. So where does the Italian come from hmmmm???


mmm Latin :smiley:


You could try


no no…they translate it in a wrong way…i know Italian that’s why i translated it.


Trust me, dont use this translating program. I am Italian, can speak it well, and mostly write. However some words I get stuck on how to write and I have used Babelfish before and I tell you it does not recognise most words. My relatives in Italy were in hysterics once when I wrote to them using Babelfish. Never again :smiley:




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