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I turn to the good folks here at CAF to help me learn more about one of the colleges my dd has been admitted to for next year. She had applied to 6 universities and so far accepted into three. Millikin University (Decatur, IL) is one of those. It has a good program for her intended major and we visited the campus twice.

Our concern is that it is a presbyterian college and we did not see a Catholic church on campus or within walking/biking distance. DD is actively involved in the church here at home and needs to be able to be free to grow spiritually where ever she spends the next four years of her life. We asked our guide and her counselor about catholic mass being available and the answer we got was about the various churches on and around campus having many services she could attend. DD and I looked at each other acknowledging these people were obviously not Catholic based on that answer. ‘Any service’ just doesn’t cut it for us Catholics. :cool:

Does anyone here know any Catholics attending Millikin? Are there churches nearby that we just didn’t see? Are the parishes following the magesterium of the church?

Any information would be most appreciated. She will need to make a decision by the end of the month.



No idea, but if you search on line, you can look for Catholic churches in the same zip code. Or, go to the diocesan website and look for near by parishes.


Did you try Newman Center in a search on the Milikin web site?
I did, and got the above link.

Milikin is the Diocese of Springfield. I know there are at least two good Catholic parishes in Decatur, as a friend of mine grew up in them, Holy Family and Lourdes.


Thanks for the :thumbsup: on Holy Family and Lourdes, that’s what I was hoping for. I found them in a Google search but it’s difficult to tell if the parish community is magesterium or not. My concern is that they are not within walking distance from the campus as my daughter will not have a car.

I did find a Millikin Newman facebook group which perked me up a bit but it didn’t seem to be very active. Even the link you provided for the Newman Center was last updated in 2006. That’s why I’m a bit worried.

At least the Facebook site confirmed there is a weekly mass available on campus for the kids and some spring service trips/activities for kids. I’ll have my daughter join that facebook group so she can ask questions about catholic life on campus.


When a FOCUS missionary came to our Parish, she talked about the high percentage of Catholic kids who cease to practice when they go away to college - it was something like 80%.

With those odds, I’d advise looking for a school with a solid FOCUS or Newman Center.


I’m glad you said that, because FOCUS is one of my favorite organizations!!!

I wish FOCUS could go into more Catholic colleges where the Faith is there in name only.

FOCUS is excellent, and a good sign a school is moving inthe right direction, public, private or Catholic.

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