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Is the Divine Hours versions by Phyllis Tickle acceptable for Catholics ?
Can it be used for laity as a substitute to the LOH 1 or 4 volume ?
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Based on what I see on Amazon, it’s a prayer book. That’s fine, but it’s not the Liturgy of the Hours. If you want the LOTH then this isn’t a substitute, .but If you want a daily prayer book this is an option. The Amazon description says the prayers are partially taken from the Book of Common Prayer co they should have an Anglican feel to them. Again it’s a question of what your looking for.


Thank you for the quick response.
Any other feedback form others is certainly welcome.


They are very short Offices very loosely based on the Book of Common Prayer.

There are four daily Offices comprising morning, mid day, evening and night prayer. There are many short snippets from the Psalms together with an appointed Psalm for the Office and short Bible readings. There is a hymn in the Vespers Office and some non Biblical readings in the Night Office which are from Catholic sources such as the Church Fathers and ancient Catholic Sacramentaries.

Everything is very simply laid out for each day and is easy to follow.

Pic shows the evening Office for First Sunday in Advent.


Thank you my friend.

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