Help evangelizing


I have a friend from a former job that I would like to bring into the church. I have never really evangelized anyone before. I would like everyones prayers to help me. I have only recently become active in the church myself. I would like to share the joy I have begun to find with him.

Background info: I met Bob when we both worked for the phone company. We both got laid off together. He now works construction and travels quite a bit. He has recently started to date a teacher (my wife is a teacher and they remind me of my wife and myself.) I know that once I heard him tell someone that he has been baptized. He is not active in any church. I want share with him the value of prayer. Prayer has improved my family life so much! Prayer has helped me make it through an unwanted job change and withdrawl from porn use. My wife says that Bob looks up to me. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to help me find the right words to say.


Dear Robert, it is so warming to read your post, with your gratitude for the life and gifts God has opened to you and you have accepted. There is a lovely sense of practical humility mixed with your goodwill for Bob, and one can’t help but to respond to your appeal for prayer. Your example is a good part of your evangelization, and for the rest, I ask the Holy Spirit of God who loves you both, to give you both the wisdom and inspirations needed to lead Bob to God.

I ask Jesus to flood you and your wife with Christmas and forever graces.

Warmly, Trishie


God Bless you Robert for your care and wanting to help your friend find God through our faith. Will pray the Holy Spirit gives you the words you need to help him…




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