Help explaining how St. Therese of Liseux working as a contemplative missionary works?


I have a small dilemma. I know that definitely yes, being a contemplative and offering a life of prayer helps all the world’s souls, but I just cannot figure out a way to explain it! Please, my friend is not sure about his Catholic faith but is still interested in learning about it, and this is one of the questions he has.

(He posted this article and he asked, “This is painful to read, but how can I help?” I half-jokingly said, join the convent like me. He asked me to explain. Hmm.)

eek, help!

a clear and concise answer would be good, but also quotes from saints are good.

I know the missionary contemplative life of St. Therese of Liseux is pretty much an example of this concept…

However, when I said convent I didn’t mean specifically contemplative, so also an explanation for those? How does merely offering your entire life to God and submitting to poverty, chastity, and obedience help souls outside of your community and those you directly work with…?

I thought, well, it is a purer offering to God so your prayers are more likely to be answered??? But that didn’t sound exactly right, and anyway, what if he just said, Doesn’t God answer all our prayers, doesn’t God already know what we need, isn’t God already doing something about that, etc. etc.?


What is an hXc Catholic?


hXc means hardcore. it’s just some “terminology” i picked up in high school, haha.


The link you gave is to the story of an Iraqi boy kidnapped and tortured. Is this the article you were talking about?

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