HELP: Extra-Wide Shower Curtain?



I need some help finding something. My wife and I have a shower that is open on 2 sides (the long side that all showers have open that wraps around the side opposite the shower head into the wall). We are trying to find a wider shower curtain that will be wide enough to go all the way around.

We currently have one that my wife engineered from 1 1/2 regular shower curtains. I see folks asking home stuff on here a lot so I thought just MAYBE one of the incredibly resourceful men or women on here would know.

Could someone point me to where I can get an extra wide curtain that would be big enough???

Thanks in advance for your help!

(found this photo online but it is similar to ours in the way it wraps around)


Hotel supplies. If you have such a place in your area, take a look.

I got mine at a closeout at Marshall’s, 4 shower curtains for $10. Not only are they wider and longer, but thicker.


Are you talking about the ones you got at Marshall’s? Do you know the dimensions / brand name ? When I looked at the link you gave me they are only 72" wide which is the standard width. We are trying to find a curtain that is wider.



Hi - just Google

extra wide shower curtains

and a lot of choices will come up including J.C. Penney.

Good luck. :harp:


I’m not a woman but maybe I can be some help. When my wife an I were first married, the apartment we lived in had a claw-foot tub with a shower. To make the curtain go all the way around we had two shower curtains rubber cemented together. Unless you looked very close, you couldn’t tell.


Here you go:


here are curtains specifically made for corner showers.


Thanks everyone!


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