Help finding a retreat

Hi all,

This is a bit of an odd (overly specific) question for the forums, but endless google searching has not helped, so I’ll go ahead and ask it.

Several months ago, I heard an ad on EWTN radio (Guadalupe Radio Network) for an apologetics retreat for adults somewhere in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In addition to great speakers on apologetics, there were opportunities for hiking, kayaking, etc. After hearing the ad, I visited the organization’s website, but I haven’t been able to find it again since.

I’ve been able to find an Apologetics Summer Camp for teens in Brevard, NC - this is NOT what I’m looking for. I believe the name is something simple like Christ walks or faith walks - something along those lines perhaps.

Can anyone help??

Do you know how to check your search history by hitting CTRL-H while in your web browser? You can search your web history and look by date also as long as your computer has been saving that information.

You could call the diocese you think that it is in and possibly find it that way, too.

Here on their webpage they speak about an Arise and Walk program…Aug. 11. Check it out.
Is that it?
Otherwise, just call or email them and ask who the other advertisers are. I looked through their list of ads, but there’s no retreat center listed. Maybe it was just a spotlight they did??:shrug:

JamalChristophr - Unfortunately it was several months ago now, and also on my cell phone, so the site is no longer in the browsing history :frowning:

pianistclare - Thank you so much for checking their advertisers for me. Unfortunately I think it probably was a spotlight. I’ve never heard about it again, so I’m sure the retreat is not one of their regular advertisers.

Here’s to hoping someone out there has heard of this place!

Bummer. Maybe just call them? Ask to speak to the programming director. He may have it in his notes…good luck!

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