Help Finding Info On Specific Orthodox Divine Liturgy

Hello, can anyone help me idenify which Orthodox Church’s liturgy is in the below link?

I particularly like this version of the “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul” and “Praise the Lord Oh my soul,” but have been unable to identify which Church sings this specific version (i.e. OCA, ROCA, ect.) Also, I’d like to find a clean version of it if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks

The video is from a sort of Pan-Orthodox Divine Liturgy celebrated at an Orientale Lumen conference - so not from any one particular Orthodox Church. It looks like it was held in the crypt of the basilica of the immaculate conception in Washington DC.

Yes, that is a wonderful setting of the 1st Antiphon, by Kasnostovsky. It is at least used by the OCA, but probably also by other Orthodox churches of slavic origin. I think I may also have heard it in the Russian Greek-Catholic Church.

I found a couple pdfs online of the music.


Indeed the chants and choral settings are of common Byzantine-Slav origin, and not limited to usage in one particular Church.

I had forgotton how beautifully this particular DL was celebrated - thanks for the reminder!

yes, and occasionally in the Ukrainian and Ruthenian Churches, as well

Thank you for helping me to identify Krasnostovsky as the composer for this particular rendition of the first two antiphons!

Can anyone help me find a professional recording of Krasnostovsky’s Divine Liturgy in English? Thank You!

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