Help finding some music!

Ok, this is going to sound odd, but here I go…

Whenever I’m reading a novel I like to listen to some music in the background. Often this has been my usual selection of classical and baroque pieces, but lately I’ve been getting myself “in the mood”, so to speak, by listening to music that relates to the theme of the novel. For example, when I read Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, which takes place in a Benedictine Abbey in the 1300s, I loaded my mp3 player with a selection of Gregorian chants and medieval polyphony; when I read Dante’s Inferno I decided to listen to the Mozart Requiem.

Well, the novel I am currently on is set in ancient Rome. I’m having a hard time arranging my music list. So, I am appealing to you all for help- I’m looking for selections that recreate the music and sounds of antiquity in Rome and Greece. Suggestions for CDs are fine, but, if at all possible, perhaps some full tracks that are available online. I am looking myself, but maybe some of you history fans can help me out. :slight_smile:

If barbarians at the gate are involved in any way, shape, or form, I recommend In Extremo and Tanzwut for when that hits the fan. From InEx I’d go with ‘Weckt die Toten!’, from Tanzwut ‘Ihr Wolltet Spass’ and/or ‘Labyrinth der Sinne’. Schandmaul and Corvus Corax make similar music, though I don’t know enough about their output to give a recommendation.

Listen to really bad violin playing. This will remind you of Nero and the burning of Rome.


wow impressive :eek:

I was gonna suggest a soundtrack like Gladiator or something like that :rolleyes:

but then theres Mirdath with her ‘Weckt die Toten!’ and stuff :smiley:

shuffling off to bed now . . . .:slight_smile:

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