Help finding the end of this online Catholic/Evangelical debate

I’ve been reading through this excellent debate - Was the Roman Catholic Church Established by Christ? - at, but I’ve gotten to the end and the closing statements are missing (see here and here).

I’d love to see how this wrapped up. Does anyone know where the conclusion might be found?

Sorry that was my fault. It was a very time-consuming debate at the time. 7000 word opening statements! Crazy! Hee hee. It is probably still the best I could do, even today.

I guess I was getting frustrated with JasonTE at the end there. I never wrote my closing statement. He did write his, and I still have it. I intended maybe to put mine up late, but never got around to it. I could have put a closing statement together, something short, just summarizing the whole debate.

This is now 14 years ago (2002) ! Wow, how time flies!

If I remember I was just learning PHP at the time, and doing web projects for a mortgage company, and didn’t have time to finish. I was also constantly ‘late’ with my statements which ticked JasonTE off, if I remember. Oh well, we stuck with it, up until the end when I didn’t finish. It was one of a handful of apologetics ‘projects’ that became too large for me to handle. :thumbsup:

I don’t check in that much here anymore, I’ll make a ‘cameo’ every now and then.

JasonTE (or Jason Engwer) was big on the AOL boards, then on Svendsen’s old (defunct) anti-Catholic boards, then on “Triablogue”. He was nothing if not polite, but very strong in his anti-Catholic sentiment. We (PhilVaz vs. JasonTE) have ‘gone at it’ in here back in the old days (2004 forward). You can search for our posts. I joined the Catholic Answers forums at the beginning, and posted a lot here for about 5 years (about 2004-2010 or so).


PhilVaz, thanks for your response! Sorry to hear the debate wasn’t concluded. What’s there is great, though. I’ve sent it to a friend who’s in the “invisible church/the church Christ founded is not the Roman Catholic church” camp. We’ll see if it makes any difference, but either way, thanks for the work you’ve done and for getting back to me.

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