Help for a U.S Marine chaplain

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings.

This is an appeal to Christian charity, by a Godly man, a United States Marine Corps chaplain, for the spiritual benefit of his flock. Father John Gwudz is a chaplain at Camp Pendleton and his flock are mostly Marines going through Boot Camp. For those who are concerned of the lack of faith among the youth of America, Fr John says “Rejoice”, for it is alive and well among his Marines.

I was contacted by Fr John in reply to a letter I sent him. I had read on the Internet that there was a need for rosaries by deployed troops and that military chaplains were having difficulty filling that need but I had been unable to confirm the report or to find a contact for distribution. I have seen a web site ( that makes rosaries for the military but the rosary they make has a lot of parts and is some what expensive unless supplies are bought in large quantities. I designed a rosary that has only 2 parts and can be made for about 50¢. I found Fr John’s address on a site requesting donations of rosaries and sent a letter asking if he would be interested in my contribution.

He called me the day he got the letter. He was ecstatic about the offer and I am now sending him all the rosaries I am making. He also asked that if I could find any other Sacramentals; medals, scapulars, prayer cards, if I would send them along. They do not need to be new.

Now the pitch. If anyone of you have any of these items looking for a good Catholic home, please send them to Fr John at the address below. He will appreciate it and so will his Marines.

Chaplain Fr. John Gwudz
US Marine Corps Chaplain
1245 Chambord Court
Oceanside, CA 92054-6052

These young men are 18-20 years old for the most part. They are mostly away from home the first time in their lives. Some are married and some have children. The job they are doing is serious and dangerous even in peace time. Most of these Marines will deploy. Some will come home in a box, and some will come home with pieces missing. They have put themselves between us and war’s desolation and said “This far and no farther.” They deserve our support.


May God bless your efforts for this wonderful cause!


A wonderful cause - thanks for alerting us to it. I’ve passed the message along to friends.

Cool! Camp Pendelton is in my neighborhood and I will be sending a box along sometime soon. Thanks! :knight2:

I will pray for them all.

Is he the Chaplain for the rifle range? Most Marines on Pendleton are not in boot camp, so I’m just curious.

I do not know, we had not got into that. Our one conversation centered onthe rosaries I was describing for him, and his Marines. What he told me about his Marines, I have repeated all I can remember.

When next we talk, I will try to get more info to pass along.


That would be great. Then, next time we visit our friends at Pendleton, we can stop by!

I know this is an older post, but is the chaplain still in need as I have some extra items that can be donated to Catholic soldiers serving our country…

My nana and I will pray for them, and see if we can spare any resources to help give them these Rosaries.

God bless you and all who work for the service of mankind such as our U.S. Marines. Also pray for the other branches of the armed forces too. Pray that all nations may come together in peace so our soldiers will never have to die in combat again. Then we can become nation builders and not warring nations.

God bless you all.


Has anyone contacted the chaplain to see if he is still there and in need??

I did find this but don’t know if it is the same priest.

St. Colman’s Parish Middlefield, Ct. Church Bulletin June 12, 2011


As part of our Apostolate of Prayer for Priests of the Nowwich Diocese, would you please pray this weekend for all priests, especially Father Stephen Frankewicz,OSB and Father JOHN GWUDZ and priests who have left ministry.

I sent him a box last year and received a most gracious reply. I will try and send another one soon. He is truly concerned about the souls under his care.

HI. The bulletin is from June of this year. Would like to help him out if he is still there. Thanks for your update…

God bless our chaplains. He is a US Navy chaplain serving Marines. The Marines get their chaplains and medical personnel from the US Navy. He may be at Edson’s range which serves recruits for the range time. They move up from the recruit depot at San Diego during their marksmanship training. Edson’s Range is located on CamPend

Thanks for the information Edward… :slight_smile:

God bless everyone who reads here.

Yes. Camouflage cord rosaries for our troops are currently needed…
please visit for more information.

Please keep praying for all who serve our country, especially those in harm’s way.

Peace be with you.


Peace be with you, brothers and sisters in Christ.
Thank you for your kindness.

I wanted to add something as a clarification:

Following DoD regulations, military chaplains do not solicit gifts for those under their care. In the last year or two we have been asked not to post chaplain names in any public place (website, Facebook, Twitter, internet group, church bulletin, etc.) because it could give the appearance that the chaplain is requesting a donation.

Civilians are allowed to give individual gifts (valued at $20 or less) to individual service members. There are several volunteer groups which continue to coordinate the distribution of military rosaries and sacramentals to our troops.

Praying in thanksgiving for all of our service members and their chaplains!

God bless you.


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