Help for 'All Souls' in Purgatory during November


Why not give up something you really like for the souls in Purgatory for the duration of November? (ie sort of like a mini Lent) - starting as of All Souls Day.

A priest told me the other day that, that would be something special for those suffering holy souls in Purgatory. He said all it needed was, for example, to drink one less cup of coffee or whatever per day.


I find it interesting that you brought this up because I was just thinking at Mass today what I could do for others. Over the last few days I’ve been really plagued by thoughts on just how many people in my life need help in one form or another. On top of that I’ve been thinking about all those who have died and what shape their souls were in when they stood before God.

I think fasting and making small sacrifices this month is a very good thing to do. I’m in!


*I find the very need to start fasting …what a perfect opportunity!!!
I’m in!!!
Have Mercy on All the Poor Souls in Purgatory!!!
God Bless,
Angel Face


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