Help for baby bella


I dont know if this is where I should post this all I can ask is for prayers for my niece Bella she fell in a pool on friday Sept 3rd and now she is clinging to life she is in critical condition she is 22 months old and in really bad shape I have never posted here but I dont know where else to turn we have put our faith in gods hands and need a miracle so please find it in your hearts to pray for this little girl to get better thanks everybody and may god bless all of you


Bob, I'm so glad you found this place! There are amazing people here who will definitely lift up your intentions in prayer.

May God watch over your little niece, her family and her doctors. :signofcross:


Prayers for Bella and all who love her. :crossrc:




Praying for little Bella! :gopray: Please God, protect this precious child and comfort those who love her during this difficult and frightening time.


Sending prayer for Bella and for all those who love her.




Praying very hard for a speedy recovery for little Bella. :gopray2:


Will pray for you. My own baby fell into a pool not too long ago and, thank God, is fine- but these things can go SO fast. I will lift Bella up in prayer.


Praying here too.


Praying here as well.....


As a parent of little ones, with inlaws that have a pool, little Bella’s story really got to me. I will definitely be thinking of her and praying for her and for her family.




I will remember Bella and her family in my prayers.


We will pray for precious Bella and her family all day. God be with you, thank you for posting this prayer request.


A Prayer from St. Francis for the sick child

Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, you gather the lambs in your arms and carry them in your bosom: We commend to your loving care this child. Relieve her/his pain, guard her/him from all danger, restore to her/him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise this child up to a life of service to you. Hear us, we pray, for you dear Name’s sake. Amen.

For Doctors and Nurses

Sanctify, O Lord, those whom you have called to the study and practice of the arts of healing, and to the prevention of disease and pain. Strengthen them by your life-giving Spirit, that by their ministries the health of the community may be promoted and your creation glorified; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please find strength in the Blessed Mother and Her Son Our Lord Jesus. Reflect on the mysteries of the Rosary. Pray it everyday until you receive your answer. It offered me a miracle twice once for a child and another for a loved one who were at death’s door. Believe and be not afraid. These prayers are a source of comfort. Seek His Will.

I will pray the Rosary for her tonight. God Bless.


Sent my prayers up for Bella.


Praying for Bella and her family.....


I do not know how to thank everyone enough the doctors say its a matter of time to tell if she will recover it is still very critical and she has some severe brain damage but she is still fighting. All the prayers are so comforting in this time of helplessness I feel God bless all of you


praying for baby bella

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