Help for December sadness


Thanks for the suggestions but my parents died in the early 1980s and all who knew them are dead as well.


Thank you, Mary888.


I find looking at pictures of family members/friends I have lost and
remembering some of the memories I have of them helps.


Oh I agree! I am in Seattle. It is gray for months, big low heavy clouds right on the horizon for days and days. Everywhere. A low horizon means that something like 75% percent of the horizon is gray if you were to hold out a vertical ruler in front of you. 25% is green, variation, the ground. Maybe a blue patch somewhere in the sky for a few hours at a time. (you have no idea how beautiful and life affirming a patch of blue sky can be until you have spent a few long winters in the north; I experience a physical/spirtual quickening the moment I see one; I confess to taking them as ‘good signs’)

And it gets dark around 4:30 pm, depending again on cloud cover and not light until around 7:30 am. I sleep more in the winter, am much more fatigued. Have trouble sleeping on top of this - goes away around March, April. I sleep in the morning until it is light.

Agree on getting out -even into the rain and grey. Walk a few miles a day. Makes a huge difference. I have an extensive raincoat wardrobe which is well used I assure you. :slight_smile:

That said, the loss of family is also a great hardship. Some of us lose close family when we are much younger; I always marvel at people who have been so fortunate from my view - they have their parents, siblings, children for decades. We need to remember that not everyone is blessed that way. And be generous and understanding towards people who have incurred losses. Especially this time of year. The best way to find real joy for me is not to fake ‘holiday festivities.’ That is the first step for me. Before I know it I am actually enjoying the holidays. Rain, the past and all. A sort of beauty emerges - through the grace of God.


One thing that keeps me going is December 21 is the shortest day of the year in North America… ah! Then the days begin to get longer… visibly! Hang in there…


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