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Good day all.

I’m a father of four young girls. It’s wonderfully rewarding, but I could use more guidance in the way of technique. It’s a jungle out there!

What resources have you found to be useful? Blogs, books, etc.? So far the only resources of value I have found have been Dr. Dobson’s series on discipline.

I’m looking for a more Catholic focused dialogue on parenting, especially Dads of Daughters type stuff.

I am considering starting a blog on fatherly advice. I began recording my “sit down” chats with my teenager last year. At the very least I would be recording them for her to always have. Maybe this already exits and I am not aware.

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Being a Father. Being a Mother.

There’s nothing that works all the time. What works well with a first child may have the exact opposite effect on a second child. There is no way of getting it right every time.

If you do find something that works, bottle it and sell it online. You’ll make a fortune.

Grandparents have the only method that works, and that involves handing them back when you’ve had enough. For parents that’s not an option, and 24/7 parenting for the rest of your life is really scary.


Just a couple of things I can think of.

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Also, Dr Ray has many great resources for Dads - I love his video “Catholic Dads Aren’t Wimps” :thumbsup:


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