Help for my baby!


i have to say its a wonderful experience to have a new-born baby. at the same time there are too much stuff we have to ready for little baby including this Nursery 101 Baby Crib and Dressing Table Set. i've searched a lot and found this one. kinda love it. but i am not sure its quality. was wondering anyone of u have experience with this stuff?? plz give me some suggestions, tks


Try going to a site like and asking the moms on there for reviews, there might not be too many people around here who can help you with this specific crib. It looks like a nice crib for $99, but you should see if you think it’s sturdy enough and make sure there are no recalls on it. I personally found a changing table unnecessary, but that’s personal preference. I do like a convertible crib so you can keep it for a long time. Good luck with your newborn!


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