Help for the Holidays! Time to spread the Joy and Hope!

As we all know as happy and Blessed the Holiday Season is, there are times we all experience very sad memories, and as we have all had the sad experience of Losing someone we know it can and will pass.

I pray this thread will go on for anyone who is blue, can vent and we can all come together to help and pray for our brothers and sisters out there in pain.

This is my best year for a long time, and I hope to help those who are having a struggle, and hope others can help also.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.

Hope if anyone wants to talk they can come here, and we can help eachother.

Thank you rinnie for this little glimmer. I don’t want to share my struggles here but I appreciate the forum to ponder. God bless you in this holiday season and may God bless all those we have lost. I hope your year only gets better and here is a :hug1: as an outward sign of God’s grace especially for you.

In memory of one of the greatest Christmas shows… May God grant an angel his/her wings every time someone posts to this thread. :angel1:


Hi Everyone,


What a sweet post!

Thank you for thinking of us, and for posting. :slight_smile:

The older I become, the more I think about how quickly time passes. I was just actually talking to my husband about this yesterday.

I always feel a bit of sadness around the holidays now, as I reflect back on them, because most of my family is gone now. I think about past holidays with fondness though, and the fun I used to have when my family did gather together. It is kind of bittersweet, thinking about it now.

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