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I need help. Serious help because I am losing my faith in God. I need people who are going to comment and give me helpful answers/opinions. I need regulars. I can't be checking my emails for updates every second looking for a reply. I need hope.

If you can help, answer my questions efficiently and effectively please reply. I'm running out of time.


Michael Daniels
Age 19


Okay, to begin, calm down a little bit. Why are you running out of time? Is there a particular question that you are struggling with? In other words, why are you losing your faith?


Hey lad, first of all ease up, we are all here for you :). Why are you losing your faith in God?. Ill do my best to give you help and advice.

Cheers and Godbless


Sorry for the late reply…kinda contradictory against what I originally wrote. I have asked for forgiveness in God for something absolutely terrible that I have done, but I do not feel like I have received forgiveness/absolution for my sins. I struggle coping with why (and how) I could have done such a thing in the first place and why I strayed away from the path of righteousness and purity. I understand what I did was wrong, but I am still haunted by the actions of my past.


you say you are running out of time
if you have time for only one thing, make it confession
only Christ can help you and this is the means he has chosen to extend his grace, mercy and forgiveness
start calling parishes around you until you find a priest who can hear your confession by appointment.

all other advice is useless until you take this first step
get going, we will do the prayin’


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