Help! Friend working at Planned Parenthood


I am not sure what to say to my friend. She just informed me that she got a job at Planned Parenthood and is really excited about it. She is very aware of my beliefs as I am of hers. She thinks that Planned Parenthood is much more about prevention and education than abortion. I know that God has put me here to be her friend for this reason. What should I do or say? She asked if I hate her because of it-jokingly, and I said “no, but you know that I would never work there.” I feel like I could have said something better. Any advice other than prayers for her?


As a person with a temper, I’d say you did just fine.

What you can say depends on two things:

1.) How close a friend is she?
2.) Do you want to stay friends with her if it comes to the point where you have to tolerate her work?


She is a really good friend. I used to say she was my best friend, but issues like this have been coming up and we are getting more distant. I don’t think that is what God wants from me. She is having infertility problems and is seriously considering IVF and she knows that I believe that is wrong, too because of the lost babies. She has now topped that! I think if I said to her that I didn’t think we could be friends because I disagree so much with her life decisions and who she is supporting, it would not be what Jesus would do to make people see what they are doing is wrong. We are friends-good friends-and I am trying to keep those doors open and I just want the right words to say so that maybe I can make some difference.


It’s her life, tell her your opinion and back off of the issue. If you feel you can’t be her friend anymore, then don’t.


Wow, that alone is what changed me from “pro-choice” to pro-life. How long has she been infertile? I can’t imagine working in a place like PP when they are killing children you would gladly have!

Pray for her. She needs it now, she will need it once she realizes exactly what goes on there.


But don’t you believe that God put us in this exact place in time for some reason and that I would be letting Him down if I just gave up on my friend?


As I said-

You have to be sure. If you think you should tell her it’s wrong, tell her it’s wrong. Don’t be surprised if she gets upset, and expects you to back down on your stance.

People change. Your friend obviously chooses to be a part of an organization that murders babies and thinks premarital sex is just fine. I am almost positive God would not be upset if you put some distance between your friend and you.


What about the babies?



I don’t even what to think about those poor innocent lifes.


Where is this clinic she works at? Is it near you? Is there anyone outside holding prayer vigils or doing pro-life sidewalk counseling?

You could join them in their prayers. :smiley:


Remember, not all Planned Parenthood offices perform abortions. There are over 860 Planned Parenthood offices in America. I would guess that less than 100 of them perform abortions.


Gee, that makes a difference!:rolleyes:
PP is the number one provider of abortions. Doesn’t matter if a handful of clinics don’t do them on site. The organization itself is dedicated to the widespread genocide of the unborn. Any affiliation with this group would be a sign of support. I couldn’t take a paycheck from them. Blood money.


Did you read the messages that I quoted? I posted my message because both posters were assuming that abortions were being performed at the PP facility in question. The OP never stated this. BTW, I don’t appreciate the eye-rolling.


Working at Planned Parenthood may actually change her from being “pro-choice” to"pro-life" once she realizes what is going on there. Definitely keep her in your prayers. If that specific Planned Parenthood does perform abortions, consider gathering a group to hold a prayer vigil outside the clinic, regardless of whether your friend decides to keep her job there.

Maybe you can be a tool for positive change in your friends life. I have a best friend from childhood who has made a lot of choices I dont agree with in the past several years. I have put some distance between us but at the same time, still try to be there as a friend, and try to be an example of a good Catholic. My friend doesn`t have any other “practicing Catholic” friends our age (we are both 31). You might be the only example your friend has of a practicing Christian.




Doesn’t matter whether abortions are performed on site or not. If they are not, women will be referred to the location that does perform the abortion.

I read the messages you quoted and your response. It appears to me that you are attempting to justify working at PP as long as the specific site does not perform abortions. As I stated above, any Christian who cooperates with an organization whose primary “service” is to perform abortions should think seriously about their complicity in this atrocity.


No, I would never justify working at PP. I was only correcting the misconceptions of the other posters. Most PP facilities do not perform abortions. Being better informed will make us pro-lifers more credible in the eyes of the general public.


No, I would never justify working at PP.

I misunderstood. Mea Culpa!:wink:


Yes, if it makes any difference, the one she will be working at does abort babies. She will be working in the fund raising department. It makes me really sad. :frowning: Thank you to the poster that said that I may be the only Christian example she has. I feel this way sometimes, that is why I feel it is so important to say and do the right things and not to put her off.


If it were me, I would put distance in the relationship, making it very clear to her why. This is no different than having a friend working in a Nazi concentration camp. Would you still hang out with them?


Wow… that’s a tough spot. And I totally credit you for not wanting to abandon her. You may be called to bring her away from this… although it’s going to be a very tough job.

Did she start working there BECAUSE it’s PP or because she needed a job and PP offered her one?
(Do you see the difference?)

I ask because if she’s working because she needs money (and PP just offered her a job), then maybe you can take an approach of helping her find a different JOB. In that case it may be more about having a good paying job than where the job is.

If she’s there because she truly has an affinity for PP and wants to support the organization by working there then you need to take a different approach.

I guess knowing her motivation would help to answer your question on how to best guide her away.

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