HELP! Get a response from God?

At this point, I’m struggling with having faith in any divine entity. I once had faith like a child, but in recent years, have sought out reason, which has left me with something to be desired.

I associate faith with hope. I believe when people say they have “experienced” God, it’s their imagination. It’s so easy to associate anything and everything that happens with God, but I find it hard to do so, without any proof.

When I pray, I feel like it falls on deaf ears. I feel like my words float up and hit the ceiling, but don’t go anywhere.

What can I do to get God to tell me He’s there? I know God doesn’t like to be audible, so I won’t even ask about that. Oh, and as far as seeing Him, that’s obviously out of the question. God is quite camera shy.

Can I get a voice in my head? Can I ask God to tingle my spine? Is there anything I can earnestly ask God to do, that He will do (with enough turnaround time to make it believable) to better my faith?

If I pray that God give me goosebumps, and suddenly I have them, I associate it with God. If I ask God for goosebumps, and I get them three days from now, I think nothing of it.

Please help. How can I get my “Heavenly Father” to talk to His child? To let him know that He is there?

There is an old joke about a man asking for Gad to save him from a comming flood. A man in a jeep, another in a boat and a third in a “chopper” came by and offered to help, but he turned them down to wait for God to save him. After he drowned he asked God why he let him drown and God said, "What you mean I sent a jeep a boat and a chopper for you, what more did you want?
The thing is, we all have notions how how things should happen, espectally with God. But God is not tied to our expectations. Sometimes God’s answer can only be seen over a period of days, and some times it is in an instance.
I feel it is best to give God your expectations with your prayers. Ask for an answer, but leave that to him. He will answer :slight_smile:

Faith is a gift. It is not something that can be earned or bargained for. Jesus says “ask, and it shall be given to you.” You must ask for the gift of faith. Our Lord wishes to give us what we need for eternal salvation, but this requires cooperation and trust on our part. If we cannot trust that God will provide us with faith we certainly cannot expect to receive it.

From my own experience it seemed unless I was living in accordance with God’s commandments and striving for holiness in the Sacraments, it was difficult if not impossible to hear God. The purer the heart, the more clearly He is heard. Simply put, there is no way we will have faith and hear God speak to us without the supernatural grace of God. The two easiest ways I know to acquire grace are through prayer and the sacraments.

Many saints felt nothing during their lives and still had great faith. They ignored their feelings and instead put all their trust in God, accepting His truth regardless of their own desires. Perhaps God is calling you to this type of blind trust, whereby you commit to believing and doing everything in accordance with His commandments even though you don’t feel your spine tingling…:smiley:

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Yes, thank you :thankyou:

Christian astrophysicists: Johannes Kepler, Dr. Hugh Ross, Fr. Georges Lemaitre, Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, etc. are a good start on responding to God the Father.

Hi Jasphair,

Faith is believing when you have no proof. We must pray for it to grow. When Jesus asked someone whether he had faith, the person anwered, “I believe, Lord, help my unbelief.” A good prayer for all of us.

Jesus has left this world, and he will return at the end of time. Meantime, we must look for God in his servants, Christians who are solid in their faith and in good works. Stick with that kind of people.


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