Help get my son to Mass


The Lord’s blessing to all who read this!

I’m a single mom and I attend Mass with my 2½ year old son every Sunday at our local parish. I am the piano accompanist for the choir, and due to physical constraints in this old church, the piano I play is right in front of the lectern, just ten feet from the actual altar. The choir stands behind the altar during Mass.

My son sits in a chair next to me at the piano. And then he stands next to his chair. Then he climbs on the piano bench with me. Then he lays on the floor under the grand piano. Then he tries to climb into my lap as I’m playing. Then he repeats all this about ten times until Mass is over.

No one has complained, and many people have commented to me after Mass that my son is “so well behaved.” This is a family parish and this Mass is attended by MANY families with small children who make varying levels of noise every Sunday. Still, my son’s behavior, and my inability to redirect his attention, while I play is both distracting to me and a concern for the prayers of others.

The choir director has found a teenager at the parish who will babysit my son during mass in a room in the basement. I no longer have to worry about my son’s behavior and how it’s affecting me and others, but now my little one is not attending mass.

What do I do?


Some options:
*]Place a request in the bulletin for a family to allow their son to sit with them during mass. If a family also has young children, they may be more quiet when a child who is not a family member sits with them.
*]Don’t play the piano at mass until your son is older
*]Accept the difficulties of watching him while you play the piano[/LIST]


Couldn’t you ask for the teenager to look after him in the pew instead of the basement? Also, no one is complaining about his behavior at the piano. Parents are usually the most sensitive to imperfections in their own children’s behavior, and maybe it’s really not a big deal to the family-oriented people who attend Mass at your church. :thumbsup: for wanting to get him to Mass!


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