HELP: Has anyone read these books?

I was perusing the TAN books catalog and had some interest in the following books. Has anyone read any of these? Did you like/dislike them? Thanks!

**St. Rita of Cascia
By: Fr. Joseph Sicardo

A Textual Concordance of Holy Scripture
By: Rev. Thomas David Williams

Angels And Devils
By: Joan Carroll Cruz

**The Incorruptibles
By: Joan Carroll Cruz

Stories about Purgatory & What They Reveal
By: An Ursiline of Sligo

The Dogma of Hell - Plus How To Avoid Hell
By: Fr. Schouppe & Thomas A. Nelson

I’ve read 2 (or, rather, I used it – didn’t read cover-to-cover, as it’s just a reference book), 4, and 6 – like them all. Concordance is a bit tricky because you have to guess at the correct translation / synonym of a word you might be thinking about. Concordances are more useful against the original languages.

I have the book, Hell, Plus How to Avoid Hell.

It is a great book as it really gets you to focus on the reality of eternal damnation as not just something people never talk about but something real.
It is very clear and good reading, not only that it comes in a cool red cover with the words HELL on the front. A real attention getter and great for starting up a conversation.

Here are the Amazon reviews…

Support TAN Books they need the money and produce many fine Catholic books.

In Christ

The Incorruptables is sitting next to me right now. Great book, although to be perfectly honest, slightly creepy at times :stuck_out_tongue: . Very interesting, especially concerning the saints that ‘do things’, such as Pascal Baylon, who opened his eyes twice at the elevation of the Eucharist at his funeral mass, or another saint, who’s relics ‘knocked’ at the proclomation of “Blessed be the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar”. Includes some pictures too. :thumbsup:

What do you mean? Can you give me an example?

What could be better! :extrahappy: I was also interested in the descriptions/visions of hell…TAN’s description mentions that the first half of the book details that. Are there plenty of stories regarding this?


I have not read any of them, but I have read **Eucharistic Miracles **by Joan Carroll Cruz

I agree. I was there was a second or updated book. I think it was published in 1977.

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