Help: Heresies of the Pope?

I watched a Google video on creation and miracles. I liked it so much that I went right onto ebay and bought a copy on DVD. I received the package and it included a bunch of goodies, including 10 copies of the DVD I ordered, audio tapes refuting Protestantism, sola fide, etc.

Along with these great DVD’s and tapes, it came with programs I had not ordered. These programs were all about the heresies of Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised.

Well, I watched the programs and was left speechless. I’m looking for some help now. I refuse to believe that these men are heretics, but I have no way to refute the claims. I’m sure you can guess, these programs turned out to have been made by the Most Holy Family Monastery. I’ve already done a search on this site, but couldn’t find anything helpful.

I’m looking for someone who can refute everything they said. Most of what they said about the Popes can be found on their website. Please, I need this stuff refuted to give me back a shred of my faith. I would really hate to be labeled a Sede. Catholic by my peers.

This would be more appropriately asked in Traditional Catholicism.

Mister De:

You don’t need to go into an extensive detective work for an answer.

I’d stay away from this material as they are not inspirational and they have an underlying agenda. I would just throw out your material, more appropriately, return them to their source through burning so no one can be misled.

When inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Pope’s teachings has always been and ever will be sound, truthful and reliable and rock solid as the foundation of His Church. It is old news that the personal conduct of some Popes in the past and outside of there official capacity were less than honourable, and so they will need to account for this one day, but has Spiritual head of the Church, the Holy Spirit still acts through them to deliver His message, and this truth was revealed to us at Pentecost.


The question is not, did they ever say or do anything heretical? Since this happens even to the best of us; there is nobody who doesn’t misspeak from time to time, unless they are not doing any evangelism whatsoever, and there is nobody who doesn’t make a bone-headed move from time to time, unless they are doing no work at all.

The question to ask is, did they ever promulgate heresy as de fide teachings of the Church? Your answer to that question will be “No, they did not.”

Who, in their eyes, are the latest successors of Peter if JPII and Benedict are not valid?

Unless they have an answer then I see no validity to their claims. The Church is not the Church no matter what they preach if they are not in communion with the See of Peter that Christ established as our foundation.

Given that the source is *most holy family monastery, *we can be sure that the content is :tsktsk: and :whacky: and :rotfl:

In other words–Garbage

I don’t know anything about this group, but …

If you don’t know the specific answer to an allegation against a pope, start the same way you would when faced with any obscure claim from any other anti-Catholic : by recalling our faith in the Holy Spirit and His enduring protection of God’s Church. After all, if a Protestant made some wacky accusation against a pope, and you had no idea what he was even talking about, you wouldn’t let it worry you. Your faith is too strong to be swayed by rumors and gossip. So why react differently when the wacky accusation comes from people who call themselves ‘Catholic?’ Just because these people label themselves as the ‘real Catholics?’ Don’t Protestant anti-Catholics consider themselves to be the ‘real Christians?’ How is this any different?

Most Holy Family Monastery has been discussed to the point of ad nauseum in the Traditional Catholicism forum. The Dimond brothers are Sede-Vacantists taken to the extreme and have no credibility.

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Looks like they’re basically angry at the pope for not ordering the Quran burned at every mass.

So yeah, they’re pretty much crazy.

Mister DE. In the future, how about you look before you leap. If you ordered generic aspirin and the package came along with a few freebie packages of arsenic and salmonella pills, would you take those extra packages as though they were aspirin too? You are to guard your faith.

Yes, JPII kissed the Koran. A human being made a mistake. He was acting as his own person, not infallibly. I think we should just get over it. Does it make me want to puke? Yes. But it’s done and we should forgive him.

I was researching this sort of stuff recently. I came across some good webpages refuting that stuff. I can’t take the time to search for them now, but if you return either later tonight or tomorrow I’ll post them up.

Why are you giving Mister De a hard time? He has asked a question. Perhaps he has not had his questions answered to his satisfaction in old threads. Perhaps he needs support and not criticism when facing a potential crisis of faith. Have you never read or misunderstood anything before? I have. Sometimes it is important to have a little patience with people and provide support for your brother in Christ. I don’t know anything about the group making these allegations but I do know that Satan comes disguised as rays of light. Don’t let this group shake your faith mister De. I don’t have all the answers you need but I know that others here will be able to answer your questions.

Not even
try non-Catholic religions
these folks have set up their own competing version of the Church. it is called schism, not traditional catholicism

… and I’m saying there is not a reason on earth or in heaven why any of us need to “study” error so that we can refute it. Errors grow every day.

Mr. De’s “extra” material should have been dumped, not read.

Yes, but it’s a bit late now since he has already read it! It seems that Mister De has a real genuine concern with heresy and I think as brothers and sisters in Christ, we should be able to support and encourage without telling off for something that has already been done.

I do understand that he is looking for answers now, having read the lies of others who would shake his faith. I’m saying (again), in the future, DON’T read such material. It’s actual garbage. Dump it.

Um, the Quran is 90% the same as the Bible on a verse-by-verse basis, and AFAIK much of what’s left is still pretty wise.

The Pope is infallible, except when you disagree with him, and the he is heretical.

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