Help! How do I convince family members not to attend an unapproved traditional Latin Mass?

My wife’s sister and her husband have been going to a church which is offering the Latin Mass but is not doing so with the permission of the bishop. They talk about the reverence at this mass and the silliness at the local parish. 'They gave me a tract “Welcome the the Traditional Latin Mass” by Rev. Anthony Cekada. On reading it, I told my wife that it has dangerous stuff such as calling the Church the religion of Vatican II, What can I do to respond since all rebuttals from post Vatican II sources will be rebuffed as further proof of the church’s apostacy?

Your in-laws are probably sincere people who love the Lord and his Church, but, unfortunately have been drawn into a schismatic movement that claims to be more orthodox than the Church.

Now, if it’s true that Vatican II was not a valid Council, this would mean the Church’s infallibility has failed and the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church. This is impossible: Thus, these arguments are just plain wrong.

While irreverence and the “silliness” experienced at Mass is a difficult cross to bear, it doesn’t give anyone the right to leave the Church. For, any effort to distance oneself from the Church will be abandoning the Church itself.

The best book of which I am aware that addresses the traditionalist arguments against the New Mass is The *Pope, the Council, and the Mass * by James Likoudis. It may be out of print, so I recommend you check online used book stores or

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James Likoudis

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