HELP; How do you know god answered your question ….?

How do you know what god what’s an student to do in university (course) ???. I have asked the question trough the rosary and prayer. (I’m not sure ifs he’s giving me any help or it’s me that can’t see his help!!). what should I look out for ???. what do u think ???

thnx :slight_smile:

I think that God is not a micromanager.
I think God wants you to use the intellect that He gave you, to figure some things out for yourself.

Some questions for you to ponder:
*]Is the reason you’re university to assist in building God’s kingdom? If not, maybe God won’t help you go where you should not.
*]Are the courses you are taking getting you to this objective?
*]Are you doing your best?
*]Are you asking for help from those around you who can help?[/LIST]

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