HELP! I ain't got a clue what to do!


I left that group I was in who were bombarding me and saying the CC is false, etc. (remember that?) and I had a couple that e-mailed me and said something like, “oh, come back, we’ll miss you”, or “why did you leave the group? so sad to see you leave” and there were some who said, “…we should just post about following Jesus…”, etc., etc.

I have told them that they were my brothers and sisters but leaving the group, I felt that it was wrong to do. On the other hand, I felt that it was good that I did due to their understanding about the CC and their negative stuff about it.

Is it possible or totally IMPOSSIBLE for a “persuing Catholicism”-kinda person or a Catholic to be in a group with a bunch of non-Catholics? I mean, yes, they tell me that they miss me and all but I feel that if I join and start posting again, they’re gonna get on my case again and tell me we’re (Catholics) are pathetic and wrong but if I don’t return to the group, I also feel that I’m totally refusing our brothers and sisters.

Understand how I feel about this? What do you guys recommend me to do? :frowning:

[quote=Paris Blues] What do you guys recommend me to do? :frowning:

If I were you, I would tell them “thanks for your concern, but as I am still in the beginning of discovering Catholicism, I feel it is prudent to take a break from the group until I am stronger in my faith and better able to defend it and myself against anti-Catholic attitudes.” And leave it at that, Don’t answer their emails anymore.

Sure it’s possible to be part of the group

Nothing in the rules says you can’t talk to people

Just be prepared that these “brothers & sisters” might say things that are inconsiderate, hurtful, ill-conceived, and/or just plain old wrong

I go to groups with folks of all sorts of beliefs
I find it stimulating and intellectually challenging but I don’t go there looking for emotional/moral support

I can kind of identify with your situation. I have recently decided, after much study, to become Catholic. :slight_smile: However the church I’m leaving behind is a small, close knit community which is making it very difficult, becaues everyone wants to talk to me so I’ll see how wrong the Catholic Church is and come back.

My advice is this, if you do not yet feel strong enough to defend the faith and feel like they will overwelm you then stay away. Though I do not doubt they have the best intentions at heart, they most likely will continue to disbelieve the Catholic Church no matter what you say. This is unfortunate, especially when people we know and love do not listen.

If any of them seem geniunly interested in you and in knowing more about why you have made the decision to become Catholic, if you feel like you are strong enough then have open conversations with them. However, if you do engage in conversations set ground rules, such as no personal attacks and expalin why something is wrong, do not just say it is.

My final word of advice, continue to study and pray. Through both your faith will grow and you will be better able to defend the faith you have come to know and love. May God bless you in all your endevors.


Let me see :confused: …you were bombarded with cruel, false and mean teachings. These people tried to keep you from the truth and made you miserable. What exactly do you miss about them?

Truth is not relative, Paris Blue. :wink: I would thank them for their concern, tell them they are in your prayers and continue your study of the Faith. If you are supposed to evangelize these people, God will put you back with them when you are ready. Until then, try and determine first what YOU believe :thumbsup: .

Hang in there, girl.

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