Help I am confused with mortal sin

Help me I am confused with mortal sin.
I know that the church has criteria on mortal sin.

But I am confused about the grave matter.

For example (just an example)
Ben is sleeping, then her sister Jenny decides to pinch her brother. Ben wakes up, and he is offended and proceeds to hit her sister, and is hurt. When he realizes that what he is doing is wrong he immediately stops.

Is Ben guilty of mortal sin?
why and why not?

help me I am confused

The quick reference for grave matters is the 10 Commandments. Run this scenario against them and see what washes out. Then remember that for a sin to be mortal, gravity is not the only measure.

What are the age of these children? I’m having difficulty seeing grave matter in a childhood sibling spat, and depending upon the age they may not even be old enough to fully grasp it.

Still, even so, if they were my kids, I’d still think they should confess it.

give it like 13 to 15 years old

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