Help! I am so afraid


I am so afraid of going to the doctor. I have been feeling abdominal pain for quite a while now. The pain starts off at my middle right side of my torso area and the pain seems to transfer to the back. It is a numb pain, not sharp. It hurts more after I eat and bend over like to bathe my kids in the tub. Anyhow, I finally had the courage to set up an appointment with a doctor today, for Wednesday, and I am just afraid at what it could be :frowning:


When I’m dreading something, I normally discover that my anticipation and worry are far worse than just getting it over with. Knowing what it might be or might not be is the first step to getting proper treatment and feeling better.

Now you’ll have many CAFers praying for you, so be at peace and pray for the courage to accept God’s will no matter how big or small your condition might be.


Timor mortis morte peior, they say. The fear of death is worse than death. And you aren’t dying. Whatever it is, however bad it is, you are always better off knowing than not knowing what it is. It may sound bad, but what about, “Seek the truth and it shall make you free?” Fear paralyses you and holds you captive. Whatever bad fate if you realise and recognise it, places problems before you, but doesn’t hold you captive.

I’ll be praying for you and hoping it’s not too serious. I can tell you there such pains that you can live with and just burden yourself less physically. Not so much carrying weight anymore, not so much physical strain, but you can otherwise function normally. I’m not a doctor and I have no idea what your pains might be coming from, but I don’t think they can be that serious as to change your whole life. :slight_smile: Cheer up if you can. :slight_smile:


I have had my share of physical problems, but I do remember one time when a nurse made a comment that I could have a rare form of breast cancer. I remember being afraid for I was only 24 yr. old at the time. The fear did not last long. I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament and told the Lord that I would accept whatever sufferings or illness may come my way. I told him that I knew that if he did allow me to have cancer that he would also give me the strength to carry this cross. It turned out to be nothing and the nurse was wrong. Don’t worry and trust that the Lord would never give you anything that you can’t handle with Him. You have children and it is fine to ask the Lord to allow you to raise your children, but that is assuming the worse. As Chevalier said, you are not dying. I know how our minds go crazy until we actually see the doctor, for my mind did, but you have to trust and slowly the fear will go away. Trust in Jesus and as Pope John Paul II always said, “Be not afraid.” I will be praying for you. Be at peace and offer up all your sufferings for sinners.


Thank you for your responses.


You are right! It can’t be that bad. If anything, it might be my gallbladder, which many many many many people have suffered from. The worst I think that might happen is that I might have surgery (very small one).

Anything is better than just letting get worst by not facing it.

Vluvski, you are right. Fear does make things worst. I guess we got to do what we got to do, right?

The thing is that I have never been to the doctor. I chose a female doctor that our insurance covers and I don’t even know if she is a good doctor. I chose her because she was the only female doctor provider. I just feel more comfortable going to a female doctor. If does not work out with her I will have to go to a male doctor, but I am hoping she is a good one! :smiley:


Tell me about it! I have a very creative mind. It just goes 100 miles an hour. I can imagine a castle or I can imagine total disaster (mostly imagine disasters…LOL). I know this is not funny. I have a problem, but I guess that now a days ignorance is bliss.

Many things worry me on a daily basis. Global warming, nuclear disaster, etc… There is not one day that goes by that I wonder what future my sons will face. :shrug:


I do this too. In this day and age, I think about sexual predators or kidnappers several times a day. :frowning: Sometimes I just wish I could be happy and not think about it, but just knowing that someone would gleefully kidnap, hurt, and murder my kids if given half a chance scares me silly.

I’m a worrier by nature.

Good Luck at the doctor. It will be nice to get whatever it is taken care of so you don’t have to deal with the pain anymore.


I too find my mind wandering and coming up with awful scenarios of things happening to my children or husband. I have decided ( I could be wrong) that it is a sin for me to dwell on these things. Our Lord asks us to trust in Him. What is the message from Saint Faustina? Jesus, I trust in You! When we allow our minds to wander and create scenarios we begin to worry and we do not place our trust in Christ alone. Now, is this saying that we should not be cautious? That we should not be careful? Of course not. We should guard our children and even have planned out what we might do in a certain situation to protect them. However, to dwell on a situation and worry is not right.


Yes! you are absolutely right! Whenever I find myself thinking all these horrible things, I pause and think about Jesus Christ and The Virgin Mary. I pray and put the lives of my children in his hands and my fears go away.

redtech, It is an aweful world out there. One can’t trust people anymore. Everytime I hear in the news that some child was killed or raped …etc… I become outraged and feel that my hands are tight and wished I would have been there to save the child. At times I pause for a moment and wonder who and what child is going to a horrible situation…

I am an “inactive” member at the gym. I could go and leave my children at the day care but thoughts of someone walking out with them or simply showing something or doing something to them :eek: (sexually) makes me sick and I prefer to not go and go very very early in the morning when my husband is at home.

I wish I was not such a worrier, however, the worriness keeps me on my toes so that I won’t become careless…



I can’t tell you for sure if it’s your gallbladder, but I had similar symptoms in February and sure enough that’s what it was! Not the most pleasant thing in the world, but not the worst!

I will pray for you!


Here here!
It got so bad with me that I had a full blown panic attack where I thought I was having a heart attack. EKG and everything. I’m only 32.

I fear for my children, my husband and worst of all how I am going to explain everything to God at the Pearly Gates. That is the worst.

Have faith. Ask God to guide your doctor.


It doesn’t sound serious to me.If there is pain after you eat and when you bend over it sounds possible it is nothing more than Irritable bowel syndrome and the building up of gas. Trust me, IBS is a nightmare and it produces all sorts of symptoms that can seem scary including:

Heart burn (so you think your heart is giving out!)
Numbness in your hands and feet (so you think you have kidney trouble!)
Exhaustion (so you think you have ME)
and loads of other stuff that look on the surface like half a dozen terminal illnesses!

The point is that if your digestive system is upset you get all kinds of scary symptoms but it’s nothing life threatening. If you are anxious and you have a digestive problem it’s guarenteed to make the symptoms worse!!!

If you’re not vomitting, passing blood or passing out it’s highly unlikely to be life threatening. I’d put a tenner on your seeing the doctor him and him/her telling you it’s nothing serious.

See the doctor. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Getting a digestive problem fully sorted (if it is that) is a nightmare!!! It might a be long long time to full health, but it won’t be the old meat box. I speak from experience.

See yer doctor! It’ll be fine. Now, if you were being physically sick every day that would be another matter but you ain’t so it’s NOT serious!!!


Yes, Argon, it won’t kill you. :wink: A small surgery won’t, either, you won’t feel anything because you’ll be laden with anaesthetics and it will make you feel better. I know it’s scary, but you’ll deal with it. :slight_smile:

As for female doctors, they are wonderful people. And wonderful females. They restore my faith in humans and I always admire them. The veterinarian ones too.


None of this thanks be to God!

If I really look at it this way, then I can be sure that it is nothing serious. It is just the bothersome pain most of the time (i.e., when I eat certain foods). I don’t even know which foods affect me because I eat a variety of foods in a meal and I can’t tell which one is the one irritating my stomach. I have faith that everything will be all right!! :thumbsup:

Thank you!


Get thee to a doctor now!

If I had a dollar every time I had some weird and scary symptom and it turned out to be nothing serious …



Is that a quote? I don’t understand it…


It’s a common expression - the full version being ‘if I had (received) a dollar every time xyz happened (I’d be rich)’. Meaning xyz happens often.

Go see your doctor, it probably isn’t anything serious.


Just need to say that you still need to see the doctor. Digestive disorders can get really bad without being life threatening. Believe me, they can screw up your immune system something awful so you are down with flu every other week! (I had SEVEN weeks of flu - seven - last year and three other attacks of flu on top of that! You do not want your immune system going down!)

See the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. It won’t be life threatening I’m sure but you will need treatment of some kind to sort out the underlying issue. Otherwise, based on experience, the digestive problem will get worse and worse and prodduce some scary symptoms. It’s not life threatening but you can get very some nasty symptoms as I say. So prevent more fear and see yer GP!! Don’t say “Oh, it’s not life threatening, I’m OK!” You still have to see your GP or you’ll be going down with every minor bug going and waking convinced your heart is giving out! It won’t be but you’ll think it!

See the doctor, tell us what he/she says.


Thank you! I will! Tomorrow is my appointment and I will let you all know how it went!

Thanks again and God Bless you all!


Trust in the Lord!
There is nothing that could happen to you that He won’t be right by your side every step of the way.
I know it is scary.
I have been in your shoes.
Jesus loves you so much.
He wants to comfort you and strengthen you.
So let Him.
Rest in His peace.
God bless…

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