Help! I don't know what is going on!

I was married about 3 months ago to a wonderful man and we have been practicing NFP because I am severely anemic and we would like to make sure I am healthy before starting a family. The Saturday before last I passed a rather large blood clot (about 2 inches) accompanied with very slight bleeding. I have never passed a blood clot before and was very worried. I thought it was the beginning of my period but it was not followed by additional bleeding. My basal body temperature has been elevated for over 21 days but I have also had a slight fever for at least the last two days (it may have been longer but we did not check my temperature during the day on the previous days) My breasts have been tender to the touch and slightly swollen for the past few weeks and I have also had a decreased appetite during the morning hours. I have also had slight cramps above my pelvic bone which I have never had before, even during menstruation. I have tried to get a doctor’s appointment but will be unable to until next year. I just need some advice. What should I do? Should I be worried? Could this be the signs of either a pregnancy or miscarriage or something else?

Have you taken a pregnancy test?

I would recommend to find out if you are actually pregnant.

If so I would get to a doctor ASAP

Blood clots happen… but listen to your gut instinct. I know this sounds kind of weird… but too bad you couldn’t keep the clot for analysis by the Doctor’s office…

There is something called a Chemical Pregnancy… you can google it…

I wish I could give you some reassurance as to what is going on but it’s very hard to know in these situations.

We can’t give you medical advice here. Take a pregnancy test, see if the nurse will talk to you over the phone, check with your NFP instructor. We will be praying for you.

You need to see your doctor. We are not qualified to give medical advice on this board.

Thank You! I have been so worried and need all the prayers I can get! If I am unable to talk to a doctor or nurse over the phone I think I will go to the emergency room tomorrow because, if I am pregnant, I will need immediate medical instruction because of my anemia…also I just have no idea what I should or shouldn’t do. I’m so new to all this

You have been added to my prayer list. Let us know how you are doing.


**If it were me I would get to an ER today. If it is something serious then it is better to get diagnosed/treated asap. If it is nothing major then why spend one more day with so much worry?


I agree with the previous posters…you need to talk to your doctor about this as we can’t give you medical advice. If getting an appointment is a problem, I’d highly recommend requesting a blood test from your doctor. He can check for levels of hCG (the pregnancy hormone) and for anemia. Praying…:hug1:

P.S. It wouldn’t hurt to take over the counter prenatal vitamins until you know what is going on.

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