HELP! I NEED AN ANSWER! Is arguing with parents a mortal sin?


Hi all…

I am gonna make this short and sweet. Is arguing with your parents a mortal sin? My dad and I were a bit heated earlier. There was no name calling. But I did cut him off at some points and all. I’m not sure but I may have rolled my eyes at one point. This is really on my mind tonight. I know it is silly and all but it is bothering me. When does one achieve the merits if breaking the commandment “Honor your mother and father.” Please don’t sugar coat.



Depends on the conversation.

It doesn’t sound like a mortal sin, but when in doubt go to confession.

I would stop worrying and apologize if you felt you were in the wrong.


Slow down. Take a deep breath. Think of the conditions for a sin to be mortal. It has to be a GRAVE offense. Was your dispute a grave offense against your parents, or the normal kind of argument we all have with family members at times? It doesn’t sound grave, imo. It sounds pretty ordinary.

This sounds like you might be having an attack of scrupulosity. I looked at your posting history and it does appear that you are a scrupulant.

You even realize you are being silly. You know that you are overreacting.

Seek help for scrupulosity and do not panic.


You should appoligize -
No matter - who’s right or wrong -
It wouldn’t be bothering you…
And dad often knows best -
There’s nothing wrong, persay, with arguing -
I’d hate to think - someone would ‘name call ‘ - that’d be bad.
Rolling your eyes - might have pushed his buttons some - lol -

I hope you appoligize -
I’d LOVE to read how you felt - after doing that -
Instead of this …after arguing :slightly_frowning_face:


Wise words.
That real feeling of discord will fade when you apologise,and yes do mention it in confession next time.It doesn’t really sound like a mortal sin ,but I don’t know the context and the attitudes used.
God bless.


Depends on what the argument is about. Parents are human. They can be irrational or think they know more than they actually do.


Most disagreements can be discussed peaceably if you give them enough time. Unfortunately, we often feel an urgency to getting our point across. When speaking to your parents, ask for clarification and ask questions. Listen a lot. Paraphrase what they say: “And soooooo, you think I shouldn’t go out because I’ve gone out the last three nights. Is that correct?”

The eye rolling is bad. And cutting people off is probably not good. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Just read about how to argue better.


In fact, arguing can be good. It should be done with respect. Listen to the other point of view and think before you counter. Dad I love you but what I hear you saying just does not make sense to me. Can you help me understand. Parents would love this type of discussion.


No, it is not a mortal sin.


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