Help I need prayers

Hello everyone,

I need your help with prayers, my younger brother who is a former addict may have gone off the bandwagon. He has been clean for years however they were given him the synthetic form of the drug he was addicted too and he was very functionable and provided for his family through it all. He than decided a few months ago to go off it and since then he has had many mental problems. I learned that soon after my father was killed when Tony was only 10 years old my cousin molested him talk about compounded injuries. He has never been the same too make matters worse when Tony was 15 his mother got sick with cancer and died when he was 19. I know this isn’t an excuse but it is the reason. I come from a family of 9 in which I am the oldest girl with 7 younger brothers and sisters so I saw first hand what my fathers death by murder did to my family. Anyhow we need prayers I fear he is lost he did not come home all night and when his wife called the cell phone a stranger answered. I also have my youngest brother who is an addict that needs prayers. Could you please pray for my family as a whole we all need to come together in order to get through this crisis. Thank you all for listening and most of all for your prayers.

God Bless

I’m praying for your brother, & your whole family…God bless.

Absolutely wil pray for all involved. Stay strong.

God bless.

I’ll pray for you all, I’m sorry to hear things have been tough.


Prayers sent! Peace be with you.

I will add you to my prayer list!

My Prayers are with you. :gopray2: :heart: :gopray2: A special Prayer also for Tony. May God help him find his way back to his Family, may Tony find the help he needs. :amen:

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