Help! i need your best arguments


I am in a discussion with an athiest and I need your strongest arguments–thank you


The best argument i ever heard can be found on the web site,

Look for the free download “Was Hitler right”

You can donload that and other apologetic talks.
Let me know how you like it after you listen to it.


For those with Faith, no proof is needed. For those without, no proof is possible. You can argue with your friend, but it is probably better just to pray for him or her.


You mean for the existence of God I take it. Make him disprove that God exists. If he is really an atheist, then he claims that God does not exist. Proving that something doesn’t exist is nearly impossible.


A good discussion is from C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”. It is big, but if you are going to have a deep conversation, the conversation will most likely be big! :slight_smile:

Basically, the argument revolves around morals, and the fact that they simply do not make sense without some higher being. As this is the first stumbling block for the atheist (that is, getting them to believe in any god, or accept that any god may exist), its a great place to start.

Once they see the need for a god, you can introduce God and/or show the lackingness in other ‘gods’. But, that will most likely be a long way off.

Take it slowly and prayerfully, and rely on God to provide your words!



Yes Lewis

Good and Bad and the meaning of the Universe

also do not quote scripture this is important, dont also state “the church says this” If you want to be taken seriously state things in your own words.

If they ask for a scripture then provide it. They already think youve given your mind to God or the church. So you must present things by your own words.

Also they generally have no concept of protestant vrs catholic like I said before we are ALL mindless so dont bother. :rolleyes:

You wont convince em just present and let God convict them. I said a prayer for you. :slight_smile:


The burden of proof is on the athiest. They have to prove that God does not exist.:wink: An athiest has to travel the entire universe to prove that God does not exist.:smiley:


Please do not laugh at my best argument.

They need to hear God’s love.

We speak the loudest with our actions, loving actions.

This is what faith hears; love is heard by faith.

Our loving actions preach the faith.

Don’t laught, this is really biblical.

Love is first!


I’d stick with the “make him prove God DOESN’T exist” track.

Now arguing with an agnostic, that’s another matter. If I had my choice, I’d pick an atheist over an agnostic any day. Atheists conduct their disbelief much like a religion- so we at least have SOME sort of common ground. Agnostics are like the fog- you can’t pin them down on anything.


I would expect that an atheist is going to attack the very credibility of the bible. This is fine, tell them that even if the bible never existed, we as Catholics could care less. We have the combination of the Bible with the teaching authority of the Church, God wanted to give us both, and the bible can only be properly taught by that same church!:wink:

They will not fall for the Protestant revisionist history that the Catholics were not the first Christians because they are intelligent and use LOGIC and REASON and will see right through that protestant smoke screen.:slight_smile:


The best pro-life statement that I have ever said: What is the most loving action one can do for one’s unborn baby?

The argument is then centered around love.

God’s love in action or in word is the best argument.


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