Help Identify this song! (Steve Ray Youtube Vid)

I stumbled across this video highlighting our friend and Catholic Apologist Steve K Ray to refute claims by Alpha & Omega Ministries. It’s been driving me nuts because no amount of searching on google or asking on this video’s comments has helped me any.

I’m trying to figure out if anyone can tell me the name of the song and artist of the music behind this video (perhaps a catholic musician?).

Any help is appreciated!

God bless.

That link is not by Steve Ray.

It’s from the perspective of Alpha & Omega Ministries in an attempt to discredit Steve Ray’s apologetics.

As for the song, it is probably an independent piece. I would suggest using YouTube to pose that question to the author of the post.

This is actually a response to A&O, read the very first text:

"WARNING: If you want to believe that anti-Catholic Ministries are giving you the whole story about the “Apocrypha”


Notice how Apocrypha is in quotes? :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my favorite videos supporting the Catholic position.

I stand corrected. It was confusing and I will remove my prior post.

However, I’m concerned that you state the YouTube video is from Steve Ray:

I stumbled across this video by our friend and Catholic Apologist Steve K Ray

There is no evidence at the YouTube link that LukeRivington = Steve Ray or that Steve Ray is connected to Nicaria Studios Production.

I don’t know, I tried all my song-finder tricks and none worked. But if you want, I can copy the sound for you from the video. You would only miss the first part where they are ‘oooh ooooh’ ing, but from about 1:15 (that’s where the major part of the music starts) and onward I can get you the pure audio.

Sound good?

E-mail me if you want the audio. I’m

Appreciate the effort but I can rip the audio. I really don’t want to though because of the quality.

Thanks though.

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