Help! I'm stuck!

Two summers ago, my prayer life was great. At the time I was doing missionary work and was able to set aside two hours of prayer everyday. I developed a new devotion to our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. I recently moved and started a new job. I have not been able to find a prayer group or a friend to hold me accountable to prayer. I’ve tried to put aside time for prayer, but feel like I am stuck. I’ve tried praying my favorite prayers, journaling, and going to adoration, but nothing seems to leave me with a desire to grow deeper in my walk with Christ like I felt only 2 years ago. Do you have any suggestions to help me out of my valley? What are some of your favorite prayers or way to pray?

Don’t force your prayers. Look to Jesus to find the times and places He wants you to pray. Maybe a walk around the block would give you a chance to pray the rosary for those in the neighborhood. Even in the car you can be praying. Search out all the little times when you could be praying. And I think your prayer time will be up and running real soon.

What you’re experiencing is very common and is actually a sign of growth in your spiritual life. You might find this helpful:

When I’m Found in the Desert Place

Prayer is not a thing to do but a person to be with.

When you take prayer as a duty, it could become dry. But when you see prayer as an intimate conversation with God, an opportunity to be with the Lord, the Beloved, it becomes different.

It does not matter which prayer to say, it matters whom you want to be with. When you long for the love so much, nothing can stop you getting close to that Love.

Hope this helps a little. God bless!

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