HELP in Discernment of God's Will & Making Decisions Within It


Does anyone know if the Catholic Church subscribes to a specific “technique” or “method” or “set of steps and guidelines” that MUST be used by the faithful in discerning “God’s Will” for one’s life – that covers specific issues like educational goals, specific educational institution, marriage or not, specific person as spouse, specific vocation (religious or secular), place to live, etc.?

OR are Catholics free to use any “technique”, “method”, or “set of steps and guidelines” to make such decisions that seems workable as long as that specific “technique”, “method” or “set of steps and guidelines” is not sinful and falls within the boundaries of God’s General Public Will found in the Sacred Deposit of Faith?


Get a spiritual director, such as your parish priest. If you’re discerning for a certain religious order/congregation, then your spiritual director is preferably a member of that group. Always recommended, but not strictly required.

The other one is that you always submit to the Church. If you think you’re called to X (ex - become a priest for the diocese of Y) and the Church says you’re not, then you’re not called to X. That’s what St. Therese of Lisieux said, always submit your will to the Church.

Other then that, it’s different for every person. Sometimes people are encouraged at a young age, and sometimes it will just come to you during college. Spending quiet time in adoration is always recommended and encouraged.

Each vocation is unique, there’s no way to have 1 all-encompassing method for every situation.

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