Help is here at last!


I just have to thank all the wonderful ladies who prayed for me and gave me encouragement a few weeks ago when I was at a loss for how to handle this summer! Good news…

Not only have I found three teenage girls who want to help (as mentioned on my thread about what to pay a mother’s helper), but today one of my mother’s friends asked if she could come over one or two days a week to help me out FOR FREE!
I asked her if she was sure about it, and she said it would be as much a blessing to her as it would be to me.

THANK YOU, GOD!!! :gopray2:


WOW!! This is great news! I am so happy for you and your family! :D:D:D


Excellent! Glad it is working out!


God always provides :thumbsup: .

Have a wonderful summer.


Hooray! What fantastic news!


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